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Hello @apmuthu these reports do not have this problem.
These constructs are not uniform due to our lack of a codding standard.
A few sql queries return value outside of database and others don't


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Hello rafat, code block from line 179 to 182 should be replaced with only one line:

$tax_type_name = $tax_item['tax_type_name'];

Since the function get_tax_group_rates() in tax_group_db.inc has already check the suppress_tax_rates status so dont need to check again.
See the difference in the attached below


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I no longer keep that code, can anyone have it upload here ?


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No @kvvaradha

Says user A who belonging to POS 1 has his revenue $1000 so we can use a join query to get POS 1's revenue is $1000
Now please move user A to POS 2 to see what happens, that $1000 will become POS 2's revenue.
I dont know if any business accepts this practice.

Thank you so much @rafat.
Pay element's account will not be updated, it was designed that way from the beginning.
I also modified the this procedure to avoid misunderstandings: committed here

No @boxygen

The same source code is running without the issue in my demo with php 7.1.22

The function next_employee_number() is at the bottom of employee_db.inc
If it is not there that means your file employee_db.inc was not updated
Otherwise it may not be included

Hi, nothing in the database need to be changed
But I guess you may have missed somthing in the new source code ?

Hi @rafat

All the problems such as adding image for new staff, payslip utf-8 languages, payslip right to left languages...
have been solved.
I have no doubt that you will give a complete translation now.

Thank you in advance

Currently we have a field user in the table 0_audit_trail to store relationship between users and transactions.
In the future when transactions statistics for sales points is needed, developers can use user field in the table 0_audit_trial then join it with table 0_users to know which transaction is belong to which sales point.
This would cause wrong statistical problem if an user is moved to another sales points.
So it is necessary to have additional field pos_id in the table 0_audit_trail to fix the relationship between transaction and sales point


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Using incognito browser such as tor can make websites difficult to tracking your fingerprint

Clear all the dummy data or drop all tables before importing


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You can use this custom header2.inc for signature field.
Replace the "Approved by" text with your text at line 57
FA reporting system is quite complicated, you should spend few days digging reporting files to master them.


@boxygen and @anoopmb they have been done this feature: https://frontaccounting.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=8237

It is definitely not possible in reality
Fixed here
Thank you @rafat


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pdf_report.inc lines 344 and 379 may need count_array() also.
And includes/ui/ui_globals.inc has to be included here since function count_array() is defined there.

Login to PhpMyadmin then check if the column id in table 0_trans_tax_details has property AUTO_INCREMENT or not ?
It should be AUTO_INCREMENT by default.

Set $go_debug to 2 in config.php then see what error message will say

It is not an error message but a small suggestion about function of Process Dispatch button.
It can be disabled by untick the Show hints for new users: field in Preference


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Add this function to includes/date_functions.inc can solve the problem


This guy also has other emails including: davidpolin3000@gmail.com, Almohasb159@gmail.com, almohasb0777@yahoo.com

I will fix this later in the next release.
Will rewrite the rep889.php so that it can have better compatibility with FA core.
Thank you @rafat

Yes @rafat, it all now been fixed here and here

thank you

Yes @rafat

Pay Element amount can be defined in Salary Structure also.
If Use Personal Salary Structure in employee screen is switched to Yes then personal salary structure will overwrite the global Salary Structure.
Because employee entry screen already has much information so to keep this screen clear, I kept Pay Elements in one field so that we have enter negative amount for deduction and positive for earning

It is a small suggestion on how to enter amount for Pay Elements
Hover the cursor on it to get the suggestion
I guess 'help' (مساعدة) may be good ?