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Thanks, Joe.. It works in 2.3.10 for customer. That's great.
Can you inform us what files need to update if we are using release 2.0.6 wink

Now we might need to consider whether or not it's possible to do the same thing for Invoice and Credit Notes those also appear (pre-loaded) in filters. smile

Again, thanks a lot, Joe..



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Thank a lot for prompt response, Joe..

As far as I know, when we check/uncheck: Search Item List, Search Customer List, Search Supplier List
in Company Setup, it will only impact to forms of transactions, but not to Report Filters.

The report menu (Report and Analysis page), we get 3 column : Report Class/Modules, Kind of Reports, and Form/Filters.
I meant, the form/filters are pre-loaded whereas containing all of customer names and item categories those are huge.
We might need to modify the UI/Javascript to anticipate long delay for loading.


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Thanks Joe..

How about page of Analysis and Report that is very slow in first loading, before user pick any report.
It seem the page is pre-loading all customer name and items for combo-boxes.
Could it be loaded only when required.
Thank you very much for help.


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I've set: $use_audit_trail=1 in config.php

How to see the audit trail notes/logs/effect?
It is available in what menu?


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Our default date in all transaction is sometime 1 day advanced, i.e. today is 2009/05/14 , but the system is 2009/05/15.

I experienced it only the night (pm) such above 8pm smile
Is there any regional setting issue on this?
I'm in GMT+7.

Thanks smile


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alvin wrote:

I have on install where we have only a base currency, and no others in the system.

When I go to process a sale I get this error

Cannot retrieve exchange rate for currency as of 10/04/2009. Please add exchange rate manually on Exchange Rates page.

What do you think?


I'm still using FA version 2.0.6 and facing the same experience.
Then I modified the SQL Query in : gl/include/db/gl_db_rates.inc

See line 21-33: function get_date_exchange_rate($curr_code, $date_)

The original query is:

$sql = "SELECT rate_buy FROM ".TB_PREF."exchange_rates WHERE curr_code='$curr_code'
        AND date_='$date'";

Since the algorithm is selecting the latest exchange rate set up in Exchange Rate, it shouldn't be "date_='$date'", but should be "date_<='$date'" that will return an array of all available exchange rate for respective currency code.
Therefore we need to add extra SQL SYNTAX: "ORDER BY id DESC".

So, the modified query now is:

$sql = "SELECT rate_buy FROM ".TB_PREF."exchange_rates WHERE curr_code='$curr_code'
        AND date_<='$date' ORDER BY id DESC";

Have a nice try. smile



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Hi everyone,

I experienced the similar case, facing a blank page after new installation of FA version 2.1.1; but this case is in Windows XP Environment with XAMPP 1.6.6a installed. I removed .htaccess file, but still facing blank pages.

However I can install FA 2.0.6 successfully.
The only things, I can not get some fixes in release 2.1. sad