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If I were you, I would just create a new module for front accounting by copying the direct invoice module and then adding the necessary features you need for your new POS module to be complete.
When you finish it, we would love it if you shared it with the community that is really in need of a good POS feature in FA.

That way you don't have to mess with curl or worry about being outside of the frontaccounting system for compatibility, security, and future upgrades.

I sent you an email.

I would be interested in taking a closer look at your project and seeing if it would make sense for us to work together.



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Sorry it is taking me a while to get back to you on my thoughts.
We are working on it and we have 3 programmers hired full time that are working on our system with Frontaccounting at the center of things.

We are almost done with our POS system and when it is finished and ready to work with Front Accounting, I will let you know.

Thanks for your patience, I will be in touch as soon as I have something ready to show you.
My last comment was mainly just to point out that until there are custom fields and workflows in frontaccounting, that our POS integration is mainly happening through vtiger's custom workflows and custom fields interacting directly with the frontaccounting database.




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I agree that this is not the best way to integrate systems, but until front accounting has the ability to create custom fields and custom workflows in a similar fashion as vtiger, we don't see any other way of getting the type of integration we need.


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We would love it if you shared your Insert and Update queries with us when you are done so we don't have to repeat what you have already done.
We also need to go directly to the database and want to make sure we are inserting and updating everything correctly.



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We also would like a detailed account of all the database tables and fields that have data inserted into or updated when a direct invoice is submitted.
It will help us better integrate other systems with front accounting.



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sounds like a big project. Good luck with it.

3 questions:

1. How much will it cost us per integration to use your system for vtiger and quickbooks?

2. Can you integrate frontaccounting and quickbooks?  We would be interested in integrating frontaccounting with quickbooks.  we have lots of clients that are already integrated with vtiger and frontaccounting because it wasn't that hard for us to integrate the two using vtiger workflows, but a lot of our clients still prefer using quickbooks because frontaccounting still lacks custom fields and workflow capabilities.
So a good solution for us is to have our clients using our vtiger and frontaccounting setup, but then have the option to integrate frontaccounting with quickbooks if they prefer to still use their quickbooks for some functions.

3. Will it be opensource? We prefer to support great opensource communities like vtiger and frontaccounting rather than be stuck with proprietary solutions that hold us hostage.


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Janusz, thanks for the great work you do with front accounting.
Sorry it was hard to get a hold of me earlier on the pos stuff. I must have missed your email.
I will organize my thoughts better over the next week on the pos, custom fields and workflows and then get back to you on what I have come up with.

I have some resources, financial and programming, that I would like to put to good use and I would like to get your thoughts on where we could help make these things happen in front accounting.

Coolers, I wish you the best of luck on your search for someone to pay you to program your dream system. I would suggest you look for support in other forums because we are loyal to front accounting and the solid business plan and fantastic team behind it.


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Good luck with that, coolers.
It is not for us.
We will continue to support vtiger and front accounting as we think it is important to not forget the value of the work and communities that they have already established.
We prefer to use workflows to integrate the systems.
Based on your reply to our post, it is obvious to us that you really don't understand the full power of the custom workflow system that is in vtiger.
We already use it to integrate our systems and it works great without the problems you have mentioned.

Thanks for your enthusiasm.


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Just wanted you to know that you would have our support if the project were to accomplish the following:

Integrate vtiger and frontaccounting  WITHOUT changing the core code of either vtiger or frontaccounting.

The reason this is important to us, is we would like to have the ability to take advantage of the awesome updates that both Front Accounting and Vtiger come out with in the future.

It doesn't make sense for us to try to compete against FA or vtiger with another ERP system that is a fork of both.

I think Front Accounting should specialize in what it does best, Accounting. and vtiger should specialize in CRM.
That way you get the best overall system when these two are integrated together.

I have several posts in the Front Accounting and Vtiger forum about this, but let me just summarize what needs to be programmed for vtiger and front accouting to be integrated nicely and still keep the power of being able to use vtiger and front accounting updates:

Front Accounting needs the following things:

1. Ability to add Custom Fields to the various modules, like vtiger already has now.

2. Ability to add Custom Workflows to work off of the modules, like vtiger already has now.

Vtiger needs the following things:

1. Ability to add a Task that Updates specified Fields to a specified new value  when a workflow is performed. (Right now you have to program this into your custom workflow and it can be difficult to manage.)

2. Ability to trigger a workflow when a field value is changed.  (Right now a workflow can only be triggered when the Save button is hit.)

If those things are added to vtiger, then the rest of the integration is easy because it just requires writing custom workflows for both systems that would keep the database tables in both systems in sync.

We have already done a lot of this with our own system.

We currently have vtiger and Frontaccounting working together by programming our own workarounds. That is why we already know exactly what is still needed in both systems to make the integration perfect.

We already have programming done to make a single Login for Frontaccounting and Vtiger.
It was as simple as doing some minor changes to the database config file in each system and then making our own simple login form.

We already have vtiger running multiple companies.  All that took was adding one simple table to the vtiger database and the changes we made to the database config file.

Anyways, my point is simple.  If the things that I have mentioned above are put in place, then you get the best of all the worlds.   The best CRM system and the best Accounting system fully integrated with the ability to keep supporting both vtiger and frontaccounting without trying to compete against them.   Better to cooperate and combine resources rather than to spread yourself thin.

One other last point about our system that is worth noting.
Not only does doing it our way make it possible to integrate FA and Vtiger, but we are able to integrate any system easily with FrontAccouting and Vtiger.
We currently have our website (based on Joomla/Virtuemart) integrated with Vtiger and we have our Mass Mailing System (PHP List) integrated and we have our custom POS system integrated and we have integrated other shopping cart systems like osCommerce, Magento, and Zen Cart.

So we are very anxious to have the features that I have mentioned in this post  be added to Vtiger and Front Accounting, because it would make it so we could make our integrations we already have, much more seamless and much easier to manage.
It would also make it easier for us to share our integrations with the community so others could do what we have already done and more.


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Thanks, Janusz

I understand that the workflows would be a big project. 

As for the direct invoice from Sales Orders,    you mentioned that this would be an easy task.

Is it something that you would put in the core, or is it something that you can give me some guidance on to help make it happen for our own installation?

It would really help speed up our accounting processes for the orders we are sending into FA from our website, POS, and crm systems.


PS. not sure what happened to my post on vtiger.  I have several others still on there talking about this same thing, so maybe the moderators felt like they had enough on the subject.


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I hope that the developers of FrontAccounting really take the time to think about the possibilities this feature request could open up for the project in terms of allowing users to have more flexibility in "Customizing", "Integrating", and "Automating" the Front Accounting system.

This is going to be a fairly long post, because I want to really make my ideas clear because I think they will be really important to the future growth and success of FrontAccounting.

First of all, I would like to point to the vtiger project, because it currently has both of these features.  They are not perfect yet, and I am actively involved on the vtiger forums to try to make them better, but it is a start.

Custom Fields:

If Front Accounting gave the ability for users to add custom fields to the different modules, then users could customize things to organize and store all types of other data they might want to keep track of and associate with things like their products, sales orders, customers, etc.
Vtiger 5.1 is one of the better systems I have seen for adding custom fields to modules.
Custom Fields would also open up the ability to really take front accounting to the next level with my next feature request: Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows:

Vtiger just recently introduced custom workflows in their system and it has allowed us to take things to a whole new level with our business.
With custom workflows, we can automate all kinds of tasks so there is way less time spent on data entry and managing our different business processes.
We also are able to integrate any other system with our vtiger system like our Website, POS system, Mass Email Newsletter System, etc.

We have even integrated Front Accounting with vtiger.  So all our Product, Customer Account, and Sales Order Data, is automatically sent from vtiger into Front Accounting.

However, once our data is in Front Accounting we are limited on what data we can see there, because there is not a Custom Fields option that lets us bring extra data in that we would like to view not just in vtiger but also in Front Accounting.

It is also more time consuming to manage our business in Front Accounting because there are not Custom Workflows.

Also, integration with vtiger or other systems is all one way because we can not create custom workflows in Front Accounting that will let us then update our other systems with changes we make in Front Accounting like we do now with vtiger.

Anyways, I hope I am being clear on this post with my ideas because I really think they would make FA so much better and open up so many possibilities for allowing outside developers like myself to program custom workflows with custom fields in FA that would allow me to customize the system to keep track of any data I want, and then integrate that data with any other system out there like my website or crm system and also automate any of the tasks I would like to.

If the developers need help financially to be able to focus some time and resources on these two features, then please let me know what it would take and I will gladly help out in any way that I can.

Please let me know if you have questions or ideas on how we can make this happen.   
I am also happy to type out some more examples and specifics on how we use custom fields and workflows in vtiger now and how we would use them in front accounting to run  whole business operations and processes, if more clarity is needed on this.



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We already have vtiger, our website and frontaccounting integrated to some degree.

We used vtiger's "Custom Workflows" to do this.

However, if you don't know how to program "Custom Workflows" in vtiger, then integration would be really tough.

We have been heavily posting on the vtiger forums to try to get the vtiger team to add some functionality to their core that would make it easier for us to program and share "Custom Workflows" with the community that would let others do a similar integration.

Here is a link to a post that lays out what needs to happen in vtiger to make it easier for others to integrate like we do now.


Right now what we do is have custom workflows in vtiger send data from vtiger to Front Accounting.

Items such as Products, Accounts and Sales Orders are created in vtiger and then automatically also created in Front Accounting.

We basically just get all the Sales orders and that information put into Front Accounting as Sales Orders and then manage the Sales Orders, Invoices, etc. from there with Front Accounting.

There are only 2 downsides to this approach:

#1 It is one way integration.   Because Front Accounting doesn't have a "Custom Workflows" feature like vtiger does,  when we make changes to things in Front Accounting, it does not make the changes in our vtiger system.
So we just get used to doing all our data entry for our customers info, products and sales orders in Vtiger only.

#2 It is still a little time consuming to use Front Accounting for processing all those sales orders, because we have to go through them individually and do the "Delivery Against Sales Order", "Invoices against Sales Order", and "Customer Payments" all separately for each sales order we send from Vtiger.

Here are the key things that are needed in Front Accounting in my mind for the Ultimate Small Business Solution:

1. Front Accounting needs a "Custom WorkFlow" solution similar to vtiger's.
That would allow us to Insert and Update any other system with data changes made in Front Accounting like we do in vtiger right now.

2. Front Accounting needs to have a way to do "Direct Invoicing" on "Sales Orders" in the system, so that it is faster to process the Sales Orders that we send into FA from vtiger or any other system.
(We currently send all our orders (from website, and sales reps)  into vtiger so all our orders can be managed in one place and then we use workflows to send that data into FA to process the accounting side of things)

I imagine that those people who are using the "OsCommerce Import" module for FA right now would also benefit from these two features in FA because they could quickly do the accounting for orders they import and then also send data back to their website database for any changes they make in FA that they also want to have in their Website database.

So basically if those 2 features were added to FA and if the vtiger team would implement what I have suggested on their forum, then in my opinion you would have the ultimate system that would let you integrate FA with your CRM system and your Website in an even better way than we have already done.


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Thanks for being upfront on this.
Unfortunately I don't have a lot of php skills, but a do have a little money.
How much money do you think it would take to get a POS system in place?
Maybe I and others who want this functionality can solve the money problem for you if you let us know what you think it will take.


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I am curious as to why nothing is being done to add some basic POS fuctionality to FA.

It is clear from this forum that this feature is the most desired based on how it dominates any other wish list item in views. Almost 1300 views now.

Is it lack of time, or money?
Or a lack of an organized plan of what should be developed?
What is it going to take to get this going, because it is obvious that people want to see it developed.

Any thoughts would be great. I would love to help out, I just need to know what is holding it up so I can look for ways to solve the actual problems that are keeping us from seeing this functionality in FA.


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I have been thinking more about the POS options. I wasn't sure where the best place would be to place these thoughts in the WIKI so I will do one more post here with my thoughts.

There are two different approaches that I think could work here fairly easily.

Idea #1:

Modify the "Direct Invoice" feature to do the following additional things:

a. Calculate Change from an "Amount Tendered" field if the payment method is "Cash"

b. Give the Option to "Print Receipt" for the customer after the sale.

c. Have a credit card # field and Expiration Date fields for typing or using a card swiper to fill in the credit card # and exp. date for processing credit cards through a payment gateway. (Authorize.net)

d. That also means that there would need to be a place to add payment processor info. just like a variety of ecommerce shopping carts have.  (Paypal, Authorize.net, etc.)

Idea #2:

Don't have a POS system in Front Accounting, but make it very quick to do a "Direct Invoice" to multiple Sales Orders in Front Accounting.
That would allow people to use other POS systems and all they would have to do is get all their sales data into the Front Accounting database as "Sales Orders"   
This could be done fairly easily through an "Import Orders" function. I think there are already import features being worked on for importing orders from websites.

**The key would be to get all your orders from your POS system into Front Accounting as Sales Orders and then be able to do a "Mass Direct Invoice" on all those sales orders to do all the debits and credits for those sales without having to spend a ton of time doing delivery and invoicing and payments on all those sales orders one at a time.**

Maybe under the "Invoice against Sales Delivery" there could be an option called "Mass Direct Invoice Sales Orders" or something like that which would take you to a screen that shows you a list of your sales orders with a check box by each sales order that you could select and then hit a button called "Process Orders" or something like that which would then do everything that a Direct Invoice would do on those orders your selected.

Anyways, I really like this idea, because it makes it so people can use specialized POS systems for their individual needs and then quickly get their sales data into Front Accounting where with a few clicks of a button all their accounting can be done on those sales orders that have already been delivered and paid for at the point of sale.
A feature like this might also be appreciated by those who are importing their sales data from their websites.

Well, hopefully my thoughts made sense.  I am up for helping on either idea, both with time and money if someone is up for getting either one of these ideas in place.   Let me know your thoughts and if you have other ideas.


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Thank you. I will organize my thoughts and ideas on this over the next few days and then start discussing them in the wiki with you all.


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I find it interesting that this post on the POS feature has over 900 views on the forum while most of the others have around 100 or so.
Obviously this tells me that this should be a big priority for the developers to think about putting in the next release.
I think the "Direct Invoice" page could easily be turned into a pos interface if it had the ability to calculate change due to cash paying customers, had a way to process credit cards through authorize.net, and could generate a receipt for the customer.
I think this would be a huge step forward for FA and it is obvious by the popularity of this thread in the wish list area that I am not alone in my desire to have this functionality.


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I just downloaded the latest version of FA and I am getting the following error after I hit install:

DATABASE ERROR : FATAL : Could not find company prefs
sql that failed was : SELECT * FROM company WHERE coy_code=1

It creates the database, but I can't go to the login screen without seeing this error.
Any thoughts?

I agree with pete. Although hameed means well. Many of his suggestions will cause more problems than they solve.
If you ever have a question about how something should be calculated or how a report should be formatted, then I suggest you just do it the same way as quickbooks.
Every accountant is familiar with quickbooks and you will be best to pattern after them when it comes to standardized accounting principles and reports.


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Let us know what help you need. We really would love to have a POS system that works seamlessly with FA


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This wouldn't work for us because we have sell the same products in several states and in each state we have to charge a different sales tax amount.
I think with just a few changes to the direct invoice page you could make that into a nice POS interface.


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I think it would be very useful to have the ability to export our data from FA to a iif file that can be imported into quickbooks. Or a module that works with quickbooks webconnector to sync data in quickbooks and FA.

There are a lot of various reasons why we and many others would find this feature useful so hopefully someone can figure out how to do it.
We would be willing to help contribute financially if someone wants to develop a way to get quickbooks and FA to share data.


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WOW, you guys are awesome and keeping on top of the forums.
Every question or comment I have posted, has been immediately replied to.
Thanks so much for all the time and effort you are putting into this project.

So far everything has been working good ever since I deleted the .htaccess file

I set my php.ini  settings to off for both register_globals and magic_quotes.

So far so good.  Thanks for your help.



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I have been testing out Front Accounting and adding multiple companies in the process.
However, I can't delete any of these companies in the Create/Update company area.

It keeps giving me a message saying "Cannont remove company data directory ../company/5"  or 6 or whatever company number I am trying to delete.

Please let me know what I need to do to delete these extra companies without having to manually go into the database and remove the tables and directories that were created when setting up a new company.