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This is a 2.4.16 release, which is a new feature release as well as a bugfix release.

A couple of php 8 problems has been fixed. This release should now be PHP 8 compatible. The following versions has been tested: 8.0.0, 8.0.7, 8.0.12 and 8.1.6.

Please report any bugs/problems found via our Mantis Bugtracker at

Download instructions

In Sourceforge FrontAccounting (, select
Files -> FrontAccounting 2.4 ->2.4.16.

For Windows users select the zip file. For all other users select the tar.gz file.

Purchase documents

We have changed the purchase order detail line description to be updated with the entered
value from editable description or from the Supplier Description field from Purchase price table.

There are so many options for the description field, so we have to get the po line description
held together with the Purchase Order.

Otherwise all other stuff is handled as before.

FA is backward Compatible with this, so there should not be any problems with printing older
Purchase Orders.

At the same time, we have re-established the option to enter fractions of the purchase price.
Up to 6 decimals can be entered, if needed. But only use this option if needed.

Items and Fixed Assets Attachments

The Items and Fixed Assets can now have Attachments if you need this, and when entering new items,
there is an extra tab for entering Attachments. The operation is the same as for Customers and
Suppliers. You can also use the Setup - Attach Documents for this new option.


FrontAccounting should NOT be used via unsecure http protocol. If you really need this - change SECURE_ONLY constant in /includes/ to false (comment in the file added). Unfortunately this option cannot be added in sysprefs/config.php because the settings are not available before session is started.


  • Bug. add_domain function generates a big list of not found domain file errors. Fixed.

  • Bug 5676: Currency stored in MySQL DOUBLE Type causes strange error. Fixed by explicitly SQL ROUND to price dec in
    updating allocations.

  • Bug 5684 Attach documents: error message when attaching document on some php8 versions fixed.

  • Annoyance 5683: Allow attachments from most needed post-creation option screens.


  • Bug 5678: Customer/Supplier Transactions Ageing Display Calculates Incorrectly (including full allocs) in Customer/Supplier Inquiries. Fixed.

  • Bug 5687: Unable to dispatch SO for service items with u/m decimal places set as "user defined" when SO item qty is less than 5. Fixed.

  • Changed get_unic_dec to get_qty_dec in customer documents for eliminating return -1.


  • Bug. Supplier Payment db calls void_cust_allocations. Fixed to void_supp_allocations.

  • Bug 5678: Customer/Supplier Transactions Ageing Display Calculates Incorrectly (including full allocs) in Customer/Supplier Inquiries. Fixed.

  • Bug5679. Supplier Invoices: error when second invoice to GRN was entered, fixed.

  • Supplier description is overwritten when receiving items. Fixed.

  • Bug 5695: Purchase Order Item Description should be saved on the PO line description directly. Fixed.

  • Allow fractional entry of Purchase Order Line Price. Up to 6 decimals.

  • Bug 5682: Voided PO Deliveries showing up in inquiries. Fixed by changing to Voided icon instead of GL icon.

  • Bug 5697: In Supplier Transaction Inquiry, Aging balances are Incorrect. Fixed.

Item and Inventory

  • Bug 5692: Translatable Strings in locations.php were not translatable. Fixed.

  • The average material cost test for either qoh > 0 and qoh + qty > 0 has changed to 0.0000000001 to avoid strange php results for very small values.

  • Implemented an Items tab for attachments and modified the existing setup attachments.

Fixed Assets

  • Implemented a Fixed Assets tab for attachments and modified the existing setup attachments.

Bank and General Ledger

  • Bug 5685: Bank Statement w/Reconcile report includes gl_trans values that are "0.00". Fixed.

Re: Release 2.4.16

9 new translatable strings in this version:

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Re: Release 2.4.16

Release date 2023-05-03 as of GitHub commit

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