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Firstly I would like to thanks the developers and the sponsors of it.

I'm just new to this script and I tried it on my server. The installation was good and everything ran smoothly until I created new company with new password but when I try to login to the new company using "admin" as a user and the password I chosen I can't loging. I tried all possible ways including trying with the main username and changing the password from the mysql database as well as deleting the entire new company and creating new one but with no success to login. (I still can login with the username and the password from the installation process). The issue is only with the new created companies.

I use php7.4 on my server. Apache2. the new companies is set to use the same database as the main company.

by the way I searched the forum before I post and I tried all giving solutions that I found without success.

I would be glad to hear any recommendations to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance

Re: New company login password incorrect

Hey timada, Looks like you are trying to login to second company but you didnt change the company from companies drop down.

After inputting, username and password, You need to change the second company in the drop down, and than press the login button, I just tested the same scenario in FA 2.4.10. it worked to login to second company.

if still issue persist, you need to change the second company database users table, probably  1_users here use online md5 generators and input a string for your password and replace the password column and try there. if that didnt work, than, enable debugging mode and get error informations to us.

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Thank you kvvaradha

I already tried all these solution and of course I didn't forget to select the company from the dropdown menu, I also changed the md5 hash for the password but I still not able to login.

I on the debugging from config.php file but I don't see any error messages in the errors.log file


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It might be a very simple but cunning keyboard language vs db charset. .. What Database Collation you are using? Are you only using English or other languages as well? Any languages on the keyboard other than English?
My humble thoughts.

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It's strange behaviour to hear. 

Did you check the program in other server or other platform like Windows xampp, Linux lamp, cpanel, other web hosts or something in other location. ?

And did you try with php 7.3. I do have 7.3 and 8. Both are working.

Re: New company login password incorrect

Thanks rafat, I checked that.

Thanks again kvvaradha, I downgraded php from 7.4 to 7.3, the issue still not solved, I also tried php8.

It seems very weird issue. I will try to install the script from zero again to check if I missed any step during the installation process.

I will get back to you guys and if you still have any idea I would love to hear from you

Thank you in advance

Re: New company login password incorrect

Hello Guys, I have realized where this issue came from and here is the reason for reference if anyone faced the same issue.

I've reinstalled the frontaccounting from the beginning again with the same settings as before except that I've changed the default Database Script of chart of accounts to be "5 digit American coa with educational data" and the problem became a trouble because now the main company username and password didn't work at all. I spent sometime also for trying to solve it from the mysql backend by changing the md5 for the password and so on just to confirm that the type of database script selected is the issue.

Then I removed the whole frontaccounting and I started over but I chose different database script for the COA, then it solved.

The issue is from some database scripts so it's a good idea to start without educational data, but of course it will be quite hard to understand the system for the newbies including me. first time I use the frontaccounting.

So now I think will need to go through the documentation to see how to build my coa.

Hopefully this post will put the light on the issue for developers to fix it and to help others who might face the issue.

Thanks for everyone contributed with a comment. you helped me a lot guys. Highly appreciated.

Re: New company login password incorrect

Thank you for the detailed testing and getting solution to work on it. @joe can you check the coa files.

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I am sorry, I only have access to the 2 en_US files (new and demo). Maybe @apmuthu can help us?


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Re: New company login password incorrect

I tested the COA ("5 digit American coa with educational data")  that was used by @timada and he's absolutely correct.  I attach the script as downloaded from the published setup->Install/Activate Chart of Accounts.
@joe for your attention.. Must be very trivial to you..I have no clue why.

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What I mean is that I don't have resources to fix and update all the COAs in the repo. The repo is maintainted by Itronics and is normally updated when new major releases are done. If anything is wrong with a COA we should try to fix the errors and send them to Itronics. (or me and I will send them to Itronics).


Re: New company login password incorrect


After looking at this I found out that at line 1712

INSERT INTO `0_security_roles` VALUES

is empty..

I just copied the 10 lines from the en_US-demo.sql into en_US-demo2.sql and now all OK.

INSERT INTO `0_security_roles` VALUES
('1', 'Inquiries', 'Inquiries', '768;2816;3072;3328;5632;5888;8192;8448;10752;11008;13312;15872;16128', '257;258;259;260;513;514;515;516;517;518;519;520;521;522;523;524;525;773;774;2822;3073;3075;3076;3077;3329;3330;3331;3332;3333;3334;3335;5377;5633;5640;5889;5890;5891;7937;7938;7939;7940;8193;8194;8450;8451;10497;10753;11009;11010;11012;13313;13315;15617;15618;15619;15620;15621;15622;15623;15624;15625;15626;15873;15882;16129;16130;16131;16132;775', '0'),
('2', 'System Administrator', 'System Administrator', '256;512;768;2816;3072;3328;5376;5632;5888;7936;8192;8448;9472;9728;10496;10752;11008;13056;13312;15616;15872;16128', '257;258;259;260;513;514;515;516;517;518;519;520;521;522;523;524;525;526;769;770;771;772;773;774;2817;2818;2819;2820;2821;2822;2823;3073;3074;3082;3075;3076;3077;3078;3079;3080;3081;3329;3330;3331;3332;3333;3334;3335;5377;5633;5634;5635;5636;5637;5641;5638;5639;5640;5889;5890;5891;7937;7938;7939;7940;8193;8194;8195;8196;8197;8449;8450;8451;9217;9218;9220;9473;9474;9475;9476;9729;10497;10753;10754;10755;10756;10757;11009;11010;11011;11012;13057;13313;13314;13315;15617;15618;15619;15620;15621;15622;15623;15624;15628;15625;15626;15627;15873;15874;15875;15876;15877;15878;15879;15880;15883;15881;15882;16129;16130;16131;16132;775', '0'),
('3', 'Salesman', 'Salesman', '768;3072;5632;8192;15872', '773;774;3073;3075;3081;5633;8194;15873;775', '0'),
('4', 'Stock Manager', 'Stock Manager', '768;2816;3072;3328;5632;5888;8192;8448;10752;11008;13312;15872;16128', '2818;2822;3073;3076;3077;3329;3330;3330;3330;3331;3331;3332;3333;3334;3335;5633;5640;5889;5890;5891;8193;8194;8450;8451;10753;11009;11010;11012;13313;13315;15882;16129;16130;16131;16132;775', '0'),
('5', 'Production Manager', 'Production Manager', '512;768;2816;3072;3328;5632;5888;8192;8448;10752;11008;13312;15616;15872;16128', '521;523;524;2818;2819;2820;2821;2822;2823;3073;3074;3076;3077;3078;3079;3080;3081;3329;3330;3330;3330;3331;3331;3332;3333;3334;3335;5633;5640;5640;5889;5890;5891;8193;8194;8196;8197;8450;8451;10753;10755;11009;11010;11012;13313;13315;15617;15619;15620;15621;15624;15624;15876;15877;15880;15882;16129;16130;16131;16132;775', '0'),
('6', 'Purchase Officer', 'Purchase Officer', '512;768;2816;3072;3328;5376;5632;5888;8192;8448;10752;11008;13312;15616;15872;16128', '521;523;524;2818;2819;2820;2821;2822;2823;3073;3074;3076;3077;3078;3079;3080;3081;3329;3330;3330;3330;3331;3331;3332;3333;3334;3335;5377;5633;5635;5640;5640;5889;5890;5891;8193;8194;8196;8197;8449;8450;8451;10753;10755;11009;11010;11012;13313;13315;15617;15619;15620;15621;15624;15624;15876;15877;15880;15882;16129;16130;16131;16132;775', '0'),
('7', 'AR Officer', 'AR Officer', '512;768;2816;3072;3328;5632;5888;8192;8448;10752;11008;13312;15616;15872;16128', '521;523;524;771;773;774;2818;2819;2820;2821;2822;2823;3073;3073;3074;3075;3076;3077;3078;3079;3080;3081;3081;3329;3330;3330;3330;3331;3331;3332;3333;3334;3335;5633;5633;5634;5637;5638;5639;5640;5640;5889;5890;5891;8193;8194;8194;8196;8197;8450;8451;10753;10755;11009;11010;11012;13313;13315;15617;15619;15620;15621;15624;15624;15873;15876;15877;15878;15880;15882;16129;16130;16131;16132;775', '0'),
('8', 'AP Officer', 'AP Officer', '512;768;2816;3072;3328;5376;5632;5888;8192;8448;10752;11008;13312;15616;15872;16128', '257;258;259;260;521;523;524;769;770;771;772;773;774;2818;2819;2820;2821;2822;2823;3073;3074;3082;3076;3077;3078;3079;3080;3081;3329;3330;3331;3332;3333;3334;3335;5377;5633;5635;5640;5889;5890;5891;7937;7938;7939;7940;8193;8194;8196;8197;8449;8450;8451;10497;10753;10755;11009;11010;11012;13057;13313;13315;15617;15619;15620;15621;15624;15876;15877;15880;15882;16129;16130;16131;16132;775', '0'),
('9', 'Accountant', 'New Accountant', '512;768;2816;3072;3328;5376;5632;5888;8192;8448;10752;11008;13312;15616;15872;16128', '257;258;259;260;521;523;524;771;772;773;774;2818;2819;2820;2821;2822;2823;3073;3074;3075;3076;3077;3078;3079;3080;3081;3329;3330;3331;3332;3333;3334;3335;5377;5633;5634;5635;5637;5638;5639;5640;5889;5890;5891;7937;7938;7939;7940;8193;8194;8196;8197;8449;8450;8451;10497;10753;10755;11009;11010;11012;13313;13315;15617;15618;15619;15620;15621;15624;15873;15876;15877;15878;15880;15882;16129;16130;16131;16132;775', '0'),
('10', 'Sub Admin', 'Sub Admin', '512;768;2816;3072;3328;5376;5632;5888;8192;8448;10752;11008;13312;15616;15872;16128', '257;258;259;260;521;523;524;771;772;773;774;2818;2819;2820;2821;2822;2823;3073;3074;3082;3075;3076;3077;3078;3079;3080;3081;3329;3330;3331;3332;3333;3334;3335;5377;5633;5634;5635;5637;5638;5639;5640;5889;5890;5891;7937;7938;7939;7940;8193;8194;8196;8197;8449;8450;8451;10497;10753;10755;11009;11010;11012;13057;13313;13315;15617;15619;15620;15621;15624;15873;15874;15876;15877;15878;15879;15880;15882;16129;16130;16131;16132;775', '0');

Re: New company login password incorrect


This has been fixed and sent to extension repo maintainer, Itronics.


Re: New company login password incorrect

The really updated and synched en_US-demo2.sql to existing en_US-demo.sql is available at

This has the field orders synched too.