Topic: Purchase Order Receiveing


Thank you for developing this software. I love using it. However, I experience bugs.

I am using front accounting version 2.4.1 on a Linux machine.
I encounter a bug when I select a Purchase Order then edit the quantity under the "This Deliver" column and click the "Process Receive Item" button nothing happens. When I check the item in inventory the quantity still the same or doesn't change or update.

But after a timeout, I press or click again the process button it will take me to the login page and after I logged in again I will see a message that the PO has been processed or process successfully. When I check the item quantity in Inventory it is already updated.

Thank you! smile

Re: Purchase Order Receiveing

This happens, because of session destroyed. 2.4.1 is old version. May be update your FA.  It might fix your issue.  Else from there is preventhijacking function. There is second if statement. Comment that two lines. It will work for you.

Re: Purchase Order Receiveing

Read the Wiki.