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Hi, I couldn't find HSN/SAC code for the products which is must in GST billing.

I tried to substitute it with Item Code, but Item Code is unique and HSN code may be same for two or more items.

Also HSN Code must be printed on invoice as per GST norms

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HSN can be for group of items

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how will we provide HSN/SAC for group of item.

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I have created a module for HSN code, batch number, mrp, bin, expiry, manufacture, stocked date. PM me to know more.

Mohsin Mujawar
Impulse Solutions

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HSN is a max of 6 digit number for GST - Harmonized System of Nomenclature.
This is different from HSN for import/export which is 8 digits.

Service Accounting Code (SAC)

Format of HSN is:

Useful HSN links: - 98 chapters