Topic: [Solved] Line Endings Issue

Dear All,

My last two days were too hectic. My FA was not exporting the reports in Excel Properly. No Error was shown. I was unable to locate the issue. I had one month old backup that has no issue. I compared both and found an issue that one of latest module's hooks.php file was not having LF line endings.

I found this Swiss File Knife Tool helpful to check in bulk and convert the whole projects Line Endings to LF.

Since I am using Linux server so I needed LF.

This Post is also helpful

Once installed the above tool. Open the Project Directory in Command Prompt and write the below command

> sfk remcr -dir your_project_directory -yes

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Re: [Solved] Line Endings Issue

NotePad++ does it.

To convert line endings use unix2dos and dos2unix.