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In your previous post you listed the commit that addressed the issue. Just follow it or use the entire set of changes after the FA 2.4.3 release to overwrite them.

Re: Fixed Assets

Hi guys, I'm using FA2.4.3 and at the moment I'm trying / studying the Fixed Asset feature in its relation to Depreciation etc

I can add/deprecate fine, it's not a problem. What seems to be a problem is the following

1. That when you input fixed asset purchase, say, on 3-01-2018 ... The depreciation only started 2 months later ( March 2018 onward ). Is there a way to set this to deprecate 1 month after ?
2. And what more alarming is that, you can ONLY deprecate for the remaining 10 months until December 2018. The item that I want to deprecate has probably 10 years lifecycle, like a production machine

Is this currently the limitation of using FA, or is there a setting that I need to adjust in order to make multi-Financial year depreciation ? I don't think 2.4.4 address this already, does it ?

At the moment, the only way to address multi-year depreciation is by entering manually on Journal Entry just like old days /w Excel ...

Thanks Guys,

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Re: Fixed Assets

In Setup - >System and General GL Setup you can set your depreciation period - monthly/yearly.

Then in Fixed Asets -> Fixed Assets set your depreciation rate  for an item for say 20% (5 years)

All explained in the wiki

The FrontAccounting Wiki(Manual, examples, tips, setup info, links to accounting sites, etc)

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Re: Fixed Assets

Ok. After fiddling aroud a bit I think I understand more how to use Depreciation features on FA ...

However, there are 2 things that still confused me

1. The correct rate to use for straight line
Example I want to deprecate item "A" of value 1,200,000 for example for 2 years ( 1,200,000 / 24 = 50,000 each month ).
Now 50,000 / 1,200,000 is about 4.167% or 4.2% in FA's straight line

If I enter 4.2% in straight line method and process depreciation for "A", how come the depreciation value is 4,200 ? while I should be expecting 50,000 each month ?

2. How does FA decides when it starts to depreciate ?
On Fixed Asset item definition, you are provided field "Depreciation Starts" and I enter 1/1/2018.
And on purchase this particular Fixed Asset dated on 1/1/2018

When you want to start Process Depreciation however, the "Starting From Month" is February 2018 or March 2018 in some cases, but never on January 2018

I don't think wiki covers this

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Re: Fixed Assets

Hi, I am still learning the ropes but i can give my 2 cents.
1. Depreciation rate is annual, irrespective of wheather you select to depreciate Yearly or Monthly. In your case, the rate is 50% (2 years)
2. Depreciation starts 1 period after the "Depreciation Starts" Date. so for me, I always put the last date of the period before when i want the asset to start depreciating. e.g if i  want depreciation to start in January 2018, i put "Depreciation Starts"=31-Dec-2017

Re: Fixed Assets

Thanks very much @mugao-em,

I think this answers my question. I think you are right. Rate is annualized regardless wether you select Yearly or Monthly. Now that I have fiddled around more I think that's what it means

So for Depreciation starts actually start 1 period after Depreciation starts are kinda confusing, but I get it now. Maybe for future revision of FA we can do better /w choosing the right word as to not potentially introduce more ambiguity

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