Topic: Same day BANK payment terms

I have to make Same day BANK payment terms for invoicing. When I try to create them they become immediately cash sales - it seems the 0 days is for cash and negative numbers for prepayments.

The question: If i make the "Same day BANK payment" as Cash payment in the payment term list, will I get into trouble later on? Is the "Cash" word visible somewhere across the GL postings or reports, as it is the way of transferring funds fixed in the payment terms list for all same day payments?

Re: Same day BANK payment terms

Which version of FA are you using? Try - payment within 1 day.

Re: Same day BANK payment terms


It works with one day, but sets next date. I work this way now, changing manually the date when creating invoice.

Just some people do not pay enough attention to change it, I'm trying to make it automatic.