Topic: Supporting File Attachements


Would be better if there are would be Attachment feature on every GL transaction page, supplier GRN input, inventory creation and etc. we have "Attach Documents" feature but it is in Set-Up and very primitive. would be better to access uploading file on every input page.


Re: Supporting File Attachements

Actually, we need a transaction number for the transaction before attaching files. Also, uploading files when a transaction is being entered will become a waste of time if the latter fails.

You can certainly make a module to extend the transaction entry pages and share the code.

Re: Supporting File Attachements

I also would like to see a document manager module,

We need to attach supplier invoices to PO's and some times other documents,

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Re: Supporting File Attachements

Perhaps the FA 2.4+ can sport one listing a filtered view of the attachments table.