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Good Day,

I find I don't check my recurring invoices frequently enough, and sometimes I am several days (weeks) late sending out recurring invoices.  Some kind of alert when logging in letting me know I have invoices that need to be processed would be super handy.  Or even better, since I don't log into FA every day, an email alert.

I currently use the dashboard reminders for AP transactions, I will use those as a work around, just need to find time to enter them all...

Re: recurring invoice reminders

Recurring invoices are sent automatically isn't it?

Re: recurring invoice reminders

Hi Apmuthu,

not as far as I can tell.  Under the sales tab there is a "create and print recurrent invoices" link, under there I have to scroll though my list and find current invoices, then click the little icon to send them...

I would rather they didnt' send automatically, though, it is good to know what is being sent before it gets sent...

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Re: recurring invoice reminders

Yes, you probably will need to edit them before sending it too. Creating an configurable Alert feature is in order as it is an important functionality for FA - it can probably be done without any tables / fields being added. On login, if there are any recurring invoices, just provide an alert popup - if it is the first login for the user for the day - and optionally restrict it to the admin users alone!

Re: recurring invoice reminders

Agreed, a popup on log on would be an ideal solution.