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OK - so we receive a cheque and pay it in with a bunch of other cheques from other clients.

So, this shows up as a credit on the statement and so we mark the invoice as having been paid.

Then we get another statement a couple of days later which takes the funds back out of our account and says that the cheque has bounced.

Obviously, the first statement is nicely reconciled - what is the best way to handle this scenario.  The invoice needs to show that it is still due - and we need to be able to handle a new cheque being sent which clears the invoice.



Re: How to handle bounced cheques

Dependind how this appears on your official bank statement you have to way.
If nothing appears on it then just cancel the payment in FA.
If both transaction (the payment  and the bouncing) appear on your statement ,
the solution is to make a payment to this user. The steps are :

- Make a payment (General Ledger/Payment) and chose customer (in 'Pay to') (1s trick)
- enter the date of when the check was bounced.
You'll probably use your normal Debtor account.

Now, You need to deallocate the bounced payment from the invoice and reallocate it to your payment.
- Go to 'Customer allocatoin'
- tick the 'show settle allocation'  box. You should see the bounced payment (2nd trick)
- reallocate it (press the bank notes icon).
- change the amount allocated to the invoice to 0 (or press None) 
- allocate it to YOUR payment (your payment should appear as allocatable as other invoices) 3rd trick.
- Press Ok 

Bob's your uncle.

Re: How to handle bounced cheques

Bounced cheques are one of the most common offences plague the monetary world. You please present the cheque again and on receipt of the information about the  bounce of the cheque you instantly issue notice within 30 days from the receipt of the information of bounce of the cheque to the client.

Re: How to handle bounced cheques

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