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i have a question on item and category

i have tried to read as carefully as possible the fa wiki and the forum for clues ... i have understood that every item belongs to a category and there is only 1 level of category and not sub-category ... i have read that there is some user that had input over 1000 categories ...

sorry, my experience is limited so i think if i use a real example i can explain myself better:
i am going to import my list of items, about 300 wines from different wine regions and in our current excel file we have different level of categories such as:
oil    > extra virgin olive oil
oil    > olive oil
wine > france > white
wine > france > red
wine > italy    > red    > piedmont
wine > italy    > red    > tuscany
wine > italy    > white > piedmont
wine > italy    > white > tuscany
wine > italy    > sparkling

since i have only one category i can use, i should group the above classification in a long description, thus i should create a category "wine france white", another "wine france red". another "wine italy white", another "wine italy red" and so on ...

or do you have better and more efficient suggestion?


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The following should be your categories if only one category is allowed:

Wine French White
Wine French Red
Wine Italian Piedmont Red
Wine Italian Piedmont White
Wine Italian Tuscany Red
Wine Italian Tuscany White
Wine Italian Sparkling

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many thanks for your answer

category name, item name and item description have a number of characters limit, i.e. i must control my category no be more than 20 characters?

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What about using dimensions?

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hello gnulab,

i have understood that there are only dimension 0, 1 , 2

before example was trying to explain what i was looking for ... but actually most of our products have 4 level of category
1. wine or oil or pasta
2. country
3. wine region
4  producer
5. i.e for wine is white, red, sparkling

thanks for sharing some good idea :-)

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in addition i would like to know what is the "item" field number of characters and in case i need can i increase ?

some of my "item" description are quiet lengthy, for example one wine full name is: "Semonte AltoValpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC  西蒙特阿尔多 瓦波利切拉经典特酿瑞帕索红葡萄酒"

many thanks