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@kvvaradha: In FA v2.4.10,  en_US-new  has 2019 and en_US-demo has 2020.  Both are outdated fiscal years, kindly update them and release it again.

@joe: I thought about that when releasing, However it is good to have at least one year back, so that in an eventuallty, a prolonged or deferred fiscal year can be created.

@kvvaradha: Ok. But we have to provide current year selection in the company setup and fiscal years. Those who comes to try new to our fa. They can't create invoice. Because of fiscal year is not new.  New users may not know how to deal with it.  Hope you understand the situation for the new users.

@rafat: I somehow tend to agree with @kvvaradha and would suggest that at least the demo version  to contain the current fiscal year as the default  so new users can navigate easily thru the system before they get into the serious stuff. I have some observations about the new Dashboard and would like to bring them out. Which section of the forum is most suitable?

@joe: Ok, I will update the COAs and commit and replace them at Sourceforge. Regarding observations, maybe FA Modifications or Report Bugs Here are suitable.

@apmuthu: Actually, a set of SET commands for a few date variables can be listed early in the sql dump and used everywhere whenever a fiscal year change is needed.

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Good observation with SET commands. I will look for how to do it.
Of course if you have it at hand, please advise.


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My CoA's have it customised for South Africa, India, etc which have odd dates for fiscal year start and end as well. Checkout my unofficial extensions repo on github.

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I feel something here two changes,

1. During the time of company  creation, we can allow the users to input their fiscal year start date. From that date we can take it to create fiscal years like one user from EU, he needs to start his fiscal year 01-01-20XX and some user like from india 01-04-XXXX, in some countries it starts with 01-06-20XX. And for their system, its difficult to understand where to change and how to change.  But if we give an option in the installation and also in the new company creation, they can input the dates and from that date to till current year, we can loop it and save it in the fiscal_years and also we can set current Year Fiscal id in sys_prefs f_year value.  Hope that takes the system to a bit more fiscal year friendly.

2. From Fiscal years page, we have fiscal year close. Can we also have an option to change the current fiscal year  with a checkbox. so they can change it in the edit of each fiscal, they can able to change it.  Hope this two changes would take effect well,

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Allow edit of fiscal year if no transactions are there in it.