Topic: Problem in Customer Balances

One of my client has reported this problem. Here is the ledger of his Walk In Customer.

All Transactions are being shown Knocked Off, But the total of Charges and Debits gives a difference of -36000.

Since this is Walk in Customer so Payment is settled then and there and the same is being reflected that Not a Single Transaction in itself has a balance.

But How shall I interpret this -36000?

Even the Customer Transaction Inquiry is showing the Balance of -36,000

If I see this report with Show Balance = Yes then it gives the Ending Balance of -36,000.

The client says there is no Dues or Extra Payments from this customer as all Individual Transactions are being Knocked Off.

The ledger is complete from the Day1 till date.

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Re: Problem in Customer Balances

Hello Boxy,

pls shorten the date period and find out the transaction/transactions caused it. then dig on that

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Re: Problem in Customer Balances

Thief of the ledger has been caught smile

See this image

Payment received against Prepaid Sales Order. Invoice not made so and hence not reflected in Customer Balances.

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