Topic: Added Extension - does not appear in menus

I am upgrading from 2.3.16 to 2.4.6 and I added my two extensions back in but they do not show up in the menus

I am guessing I had to add them manually, I just forgot how

osc_orders and import_items

I also have a minor update to osc_orders, last time I think I emailed it to Joe, is that the case still or is there a place to upload them?


Re: Added Extension - does not appear in menus

Some new updates In PHP , due to that core of FA is also updated the extension hooks. Check your extension supports the new thing. Most probably the function __construct() may be needs to be updated.

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Re: Added Extension - does not appear in menus

Ok, I looked around and it does have the add_rapp_function call

I am thinking that it has something to do with security

The code has:

define ('SS_OSCORDERS', 106<<8);


            case 'orders':
                $app->add_rapp_function(2, _('osCommerce Import'),
                    $path_to_root.'/modules/osc_orders/osCommerce.php', 'SA_OSCORDERS');

Is 106 correct?

Any ideas? The module is listed as "osCommerce Order and Customer Import Module"
In the Install/Activate extension

Yes I activated it smile

The CVS Import items is working fine (# 105)


Re: Added Extension - does not appear in menus

Check the latest FA24extensions repo for changes to the extensions of interest.

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Re: Added Extension - does not appear in menus

Well that explains it!

The extension I downloaded when running 2.4.6 contained an older version of the hooks.php file that did not contain

    function __construct() {
        $this->module_name = 'osc_orders';

I downloaded the first 8-10 extensions from setup->install.activate extensions and found only a couple have the constructor called

I did not check github but I see the osc_orders was updated as part of what may have been a global update...

i am the author of osc_orders and I have a small update I would like to make..

I'd do it myself but I am not very good with git yet and only have this one change to be made...

Can do apply it to the sources? (2 lines changed) or I can email/pm the updated file...
Below: The updated file is on the right ">"

tom@w2vy:/var/www/html/fa/modules/osc_orders$ diff osCommerce.php /tmp/osCommerce.php 
<                 $cart->document_date = Today();
<                 // $_POST['OrderDate'] = $cart->document_date;
>                 $cart->document_date = sql2date($order['date_purchased']);
<                 $cart->due_date = Today();
>                 $cart->due_date = sql2date($order['date_purchased']);

ps. I just attached it as a txt file! I knew there as a way...

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Re: Added Extension - does not appear in menus

I may have some other issues to fix... I will post here when I test more