Topic: GL Manual Entry, Analytical GL Accounts, Standing Journals


1. Can we have feature for each GL Account to accept Manual Entry or Block Manual Entries? We need it for this reason:

On invoice entry:
CR  Account Payable
DR  Cost P&L

We need to block Account Payable account manual transaction entry as Payable should only contain transactions by modules (PL) but not manual direct transactions. Sales with Receivable, Accumulated Depreciation, Bank Accounts and so on.

2. We need Sub Level Accounts Under GL Accounts EX:

|Class: Asset
|_Group: Account Receivable
|__GL Account: Receivable from Trade Customers
|___Analytical Account 1: ABS Customer Receivable Account
|___Analytical Account 2: Intern Trade Customer Receivable Account
|___Analytical Account 3: Globeks Customer Receivable Account

It is possible to create sub-level accounts within Category level which is good, but bad side is Balance Sheet lists all classes, categories and GL accounts which makes long long list.
I`d like to know your suggestions regarding to this case, how to set up accounts do not show Analytical Accounts, is it better to adjust balance sheet accordingly?

3. Revenue / Costs Accruals feature need to be renamed to Standing Journals as we are not about only cost but we can amortize any account in periods. Feature required here is to add approval of standing journal every selected period. ex: evry month accountant need to check standing journals and post them.


Re: GL Manual Entry, Analytical GL Accounts, Standing Journals

1. Create and assign a role (with or without FA core editions) to a user with such restrictions. Quick Entries may be used as well.
2. Sub Ledgers are currently available and reporting can be summary or detailed (need to hack the repXXX.php files). Account tags may be useful here as they are already available as filters in the reports.
3. Need an extension with a separate field that lists those that need approval.