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Dear ALl
i translate po file to my language but some menu didnt change after swich language;
in sales menu submenu Direct Invoice and sales order inquiry
in stock inventory adjustments and inventory item movement
in manufacturing :oustranding work orders and etc
and some other submenue.
please somebody help me how can i solve it?

Re: version 2.4.RC1-translate

Edit the .po file by comparing it with the empty.po file and put in the missing strings and then compile it with PoEdit (atleast in Windows) to a .mo file and use it instead of the existing one for your language.

Re: version 2.4.RC1-translate

Dear apmuthu
thanks for your quick reply
i use ubuntu and apache 2.4 also edit Po. file with Poedit . and translate all the you know i found that menu i named in po file and exist the translate. i remove old po file and import manually it again  but stil some translate didnt show .


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Re: version 2.4.RC1-translate

msgmerge ar_EG-2.4.0-2.po empty.po > ar_EG_new.po

Now translate the merged .po into a .mo file and use it.

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