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Topic: Change account code length

Hi  cal you help me please I  need to change my account code length  because some of my accounts have a 18 characters code I need to change to 20 default is 10


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Re: Change account code length

Look at all the places where the Account Number is used and alter it's field size in the MySQL table. Make sure that all form fields that use it are properly sized for length of input string and for css display width in the theme used.

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Re: Change account code length

but where I change the lenght at css  the location?

what page or where i need to change the code?


Re: Change account code length

The CSS files are in the theme folders and generally needs to be altered only if the entire contents of any filed is not visible.

The form field width is set in the from template codes along with the field size.

If you are using FireFox / Chrome browsers, use the FireBug extension and locate the code behind the places you wish to change and then search for the html snippets in FA codebase and alter as desired.

If you wish to seek professional help, post your needs (referring this post) in the jobs section of the forum. You may also contact the support partners listed in the Wiki.