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This is a 2.3.20 security & bugfix release.

Important Note for release 2.3.20.


This version consists crucial security patches, so all FA users running any earlier 2.3.x application version are encouraged to update their installations to version 2.3.20 as soon as possible. This applies especially to all installations which are run in not fully trusted environment like public demos, shared accounts or SAAS installations.


  • Allowing more than one document attachment per number.

  • Voiding an allocated currency invoice doesn't clear Exchange account

  • Fixed a check that company logo exists when using header3.

  • Fixed security issues in file uploads.

  • Gettext template update.


  • Fixed back link presented when trying to modify fully invoiced Customer Delivery.

  • Link customer payment entry after saving Invoice (if not cash).


  • Supplier Payments: Fixed error during payment allocation in strict MySQL mode.

  • Fixed bug in Supplier Credit Note allocation to Purchase Invoice.

  • Supp credit notes should not be shown in allocable list.

Items and Inventory

  • Fixed inventory valuation bug after voiding foreign supplier GRN leading to negative inventory.

  • Inventory Items Movements always starts with 0 qty. Fixed.

Banking and General Ledger

  • Payments, Deposits: fixed false error when payment is made in customer/supplier currency.

  • Journal Inquiry (bank transaction view): fixed database error on bank transaction view triggered on some buggy MySQL versions.

  • Avoiding redundant passes in Fiscal Year deletion.

  • Supplier info not shown on gl inquiry for bank account.

  • If no memo on GL line in GL account inquiry, the comments for the voucher is shown on the line.

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How do I download Diff files to upgrade me 2.3.19 version.


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You can just overwrite your existing files with the 2.3.20 tarball. Maybe @apmuthu has diff files for you. I hope he will comment on this.


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Use WinMerge to get your diffs or install TortoiseGit and load in v2.3.19 and then v2.3.20 and possibly a post 2.3.20 snapshot. Easiest way like Joe said is to overwrite the files or do a fresh install and restore your db.

Will try to make a diff soon. Trying to get my version to sync with the official version first. Been away from the FA scene for a while now and need to check out the various changes done.

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Re: Release 2.3.20

Diff from FA v2.3.19 to v2.3.20 with fixes from official repo till date along with 2 unreleased fixes as well listed in forum posts 4795 and 4796.

Needs the following SQLs to be executed for upgrades (alter the "0_" to suit your company table prefix):

ALTER TABLE `0_debtor_trans` ADD INDEX `order_` (`order_`);
ALTER TABLE `0_users` CHANGE `query_size` `query_size` TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 10;

The last sql referred to above is also an unreleased fix discussed at 4634 and is included in the sql files in this diff set and the CHANGELOG has been updated accordingly.

The above code is available in my unofficial FA GitHub Repo.

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Thank you. I have hugely modified FA 2.3.19. Is it possible to upgrade to this version? Or I must check manually from diff file and replace it? thank you

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I have also the same problem, please reply sad

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The attachment in my earlier post are the files that have changed since the previous version besides the SQLs that need to be executed for each company's db tables. These SQLs can be carried out first as they most probably will not have any dependency on your mods and certainly not on the rest of the standard code.

If you have the differences between FA v2.3.19 and you existing modded version, then you can incorporate the differences between the v2.3.19 and v2.3.20 into your modded version. Any extensions you have installed will make the issue a bit more involved just as any table schema changes in your modded version would entail as well.

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If you have made your customization on top of official code repo clone  (either Hg or Git) you should not  have any problems with merging latest fixes. Otherwise you would advise to generate diff file between your code and the version it was made on top of, and apply it to the new FA version.

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Post 2.3.20 Changed Files till 2014-04-08.

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