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This is a 2.3.17 release, and is considered as stable.


  • Fixed bug in cool theme renderer.php

  • faillog.php file moved to tmp subdir.

  • Small fix in javascript routines to avoid naming conflicts for form.action objects.

  • Fixing cookie.txt location during access to remote exchange rate server.

  • Uniform display of exchange rate across aplication, added xr_provider_authoritative option, fixed bug in stored rate value.

  • Fixed session handling bug resulting in blank page on some pre-5.2 php versions.

  • Fixed bug in get_next_trans_no() resulting in invisibility of new stock movements entered after some transaction is voided (applies to location transfer and inventory adjustment).

  • Improved db_pager::set_sql to use array as well as query string.

  • Improved db_pager widget sorting (now user column selection order is used).

  • Fixed CSRF warning after retrying password change.

  • Change password: added current password verification.


  • Customer Credit Note: warning cleanup in write_credit_note()

  • Customer Payment, Supplier Payment: payments can be done in any currency and properly allocated to invoices; exchange rate field removed (bank exchange rate is calculated automatically)

  • Fixed mysql 5.0 issue in Print Statements report.

  • Added missing db_write_hook in update sales order.

  • Updating sales order use UPDATE instead of DELETE/INSERT to preserve extra data added by extensions (if any)

  • Added get_dispatchable_quantity hook.


  • Supplier Invoices, Direct Invoice, Supplier Credit Notes: added editable tax totals fields to fix variations in tax calculations on supplier side

  • Payments, Bank Transfer: Fixed payment limit checking bug.

  • Direct GRN, GRN to PO, Direct Purchase Invoice: added exchange rate edition/storage on new transaction date.

  • Customer Payment, Supplier Payment: payments can be done in any currency and properly allocated to invoices; exchange rate field removed (bank exchange rate is calculated automatically)

  • Fixed bug in voiding GRN/Purchase resulting in invalid average unit cost.

  • Fixed a forgotten currency bug in GRN Valuation Report (rep305.php)

Items and Inventory

  • Fixed nested forms in Items tab.

  • Fixed qoh to return 0 instead of null when stock moves history is empty.

Banking and General Ledger

  • Bank Transfer: additional field for target currency amount instead of exchange rate display.

  • Fixed exchange rate ui to be editable for new rates only, bank payment/deposit use amount in supplier/customer currency instead of rate.

  • Payments, Bank Transfer: Fixed payment limit checking bug.


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Where can I find upgrade package for 2.3.17?

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At Sourceforge. Sorry for not telling that.


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Some Suggest if you dont Mind,

Please Make db_pager ( pagination )more easier .. as  suppose i want to call my specific table name then ? ( if its with SQL  inner join or any other join ).

ALSO Pagination should be in all place .. as i saw your User page doesn't have Pagination .. if i have 2O thousand and more list then ? scrolling down and down ? , hence i suggest pagination should be in all page .. with easy way if suppose i need  different column field , then it can be done easily with code etc ...

ALSO TABBER ( should be made of 2 type - one open all tab and second with selected ID wise )

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Some lists with opening and closing balances inside a period, doesn't make sense to make a pager. It seems odd that you have several thousands users. If you want to make this a pager, you are welcome to go.


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Re: Release 2.3.17

I have encountered the following problem after installing release 2.3.17:

When I enter a "customer payment" of 11 500 for a customer (set up in my home currency) into a bank account (also set up in the home currency) the GL posting is

Dr Bank                          11
Cr Debtors                             11 500
Dr Forex variance    11 489

I have deselected automatic update of forex variances as I though it might make a difference but it does not.

However, when I try post the same payment via "Banking and General Ledger...Payments" the result is as expected:

Dr Bank       11 500
Cr Debtors             11 500

How can I solve this problem.


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We are investigating this. Be patient.


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There is no upgrade file for 2.3.16 to 2.3.17 on Sourceforge. Only a full new version of 2.3.17 is available.

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We do not publish differential patches, so you should just refresh whole source tree with the new files from 2.3.17 tarball (no database changes are needed).

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Since there were some glitches in the published FA v2.3.17, taking care of the new variables in the config.default.php, with no db changes needed, a FA v2.3.16 can be upgraded to the latest FA v2.3.17 with Git fixes till date updating the changed files alone.

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Due to the problems found in 2.3.17 next release is planned this week.

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Thanks Janusz. The patch set has been updated as well.

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Diff Files from FA v2.3.16 to FA v2.3.17 is attached herein.

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