Topic: no price in >Sales Invoice >Items

Using 2.0 beta

I go to >Sales >Direct Sales Invoice, and my customer info is there, my Item Description is there, but the price is not.  I hit Add Item and still no price.

My customer is in one currency, and the Inventory Item Sales prices in another.

What do think I have missed here?

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Re: no price in >Sales Invoice >Items

Hello Alvin,

I guess you are running latest CVS with just implemented automatic price calculations.
To use this feature you should select base price list in company preferences. When this is not selected automatic price calculations are off.


Re: no price in >Sales Invoice >Items

No I was just running the beta release, with "Base for auto price calculations:" set to Retail, however a got a snapshot from you yesterday and loaded it.  I got some errors that I sent to him.  But as you suggested I went to >Setup >Company Setup and Retail was not selected, I select, >Save and get this error:

DATABASE ERROR : The company setup could not be updated
error code : 1054
error message : Unknown column 'base_sales' in 'field list'
sql that failed was : UPDATE 1_company SET coy_name='Almacen Naval', coy_no = '00-00-00', gst_no='00-00-00', tax_prd=1, tax_last=1, postal_address ='N/A', phone='', fax='', email='', coy_logo='', domicile='', use_dimension=1, no_item_list=0, no_customer_list=0, no_supplier_list=0, custom1_name='', custom2_name='', custom3_name='', custom1_value='', custom2_value='', custom3_value='', curr_default='USD', f_year=1, base_sales=1 WHERE coy_code=1

Let me know what you think?


"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."  - Aristotle.

Re: no price in >Sales Invoice >Items

Hello alvin,

There is a file in the sql folder called alter.sql. At the top it should contain 2 ALTER TABLE statements, the first one is the company table, the other one is the sales_types table. You can run the script update_db.php which is in the root folder, and select this alter.sql file from your local computer. It will bail out after the 2 alter tables, which means that the rest already have been run. This is done for all your companies.

Best regards