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Topic: Creating Invoice for your debtors

Hello Joe,

Please there is a situation with my FA. I have assigned all my debtors to their respective location that is manned by the salesreps. The issue I now how is:
1. when I want to issue an invoice to a customer (debtors) one I click the customer all the parameters to that customer is supposed to appear like payment = delayed, Deliver from location= location the customer is tied to. But this is not the case. I do i do this cos it will enhance speedy entry.

2. I also need to add additional fields (2 fields) for customers. how do I go about this.

3. I also want only customers assigned to a branch be made available to the salesrep when he logs in to FA. i.e he should be restricted to his customers alone.

4. How do I tie a salesrep to a location.



Re: Creating Invoice for your debtors

1. The location is tied to a branch. If you set a location for a branch, it will show up in the forms when you select this customer/branch.
2. This is a huge task because the operations go through many tables.
3. Again, a customer can have many branches, not the other way. The sales persons are also tied to a branch. You could setup the sales persons as users (with the same names) and use the access roles for them. However these sales persons are not restricted to the respective customers only.
4. By setting the same sales person on the location in the branches. Then you can match the sales person with the location if you do it right.