Is there any report that indicates the pending invoices, that is, if I made a delivery order, where if I was going to deliver 10 products, when I invoice, I want to indicate that I only invoice 8, where I can see that they are still pending invoicing 2 products?



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Excelente, thank you


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How can I configure FA, in sales, so that the products do not have the sales tax included.

Donate to the project, it seems to me the right thing, I will continue studying the system to try to understand it better, and be able to give help at the first level.

I hope you can get some customer and put it, if so, I will not hesitate to make the donation.


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Good afternoon, if you solved a part
The complete case is that I buy from the same supplier, products that have different taxes.
If I buy from him food, he sells it to me with the tax exempt
If I buy from him liquor he charges me a 10% tax
If I buy toiletries, she charges me 7% tax

The supplier is still the same, but when registering the purchase order, he only calculates 7% for me, and he should really charge me the tax according to the type of item to buy.

In the sale the same thing will happen, that is to say that when I sell those articles, I must sell them in the same way, charging my clients the same tax, on the same articles.

And that I did not manage to do, and I have tried several options, I do not know if creating a tax group, the issue is that if I core it, it will charge me the tax, in equal parts, but in my country throughout the territory it charges the same general tax.

Good afternoon,
1. Is there a problem if I make a video tutorial of the program, on YouTube?
2. What are the requirements to be a partner of yours and offer the program to small businesses, or how are your plans.
3. There is an adaptation very typical of my country, but as it is to offer them to potential clients, I would like to know the costs of the same, taking into account that the one who develops it, will sell it, and with each client that you wish it is installed, something like a plugin.

I am an Independent Accountant, and I would like to offer this program to clients, and for each Implementation, donate a percentage of what I do depending on the client, to the project.

Please contact me to


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Thank, I understant this tax, I done the test, thanks.



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Good evening, having two equal products with different taxes is going to create a stock problem for me, since you must have a single code for a single product, and depending on the supplier, allow me to choose whether the product has a tax or not. a video, maybe better understood that way. my English is not good.

Thank you.


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Thank you very much, in a way it will be a module that was like a plugin to FA, with a sale price, currently, it is in the first phase here in Panama, just waiting for the government to indicate the second phase which is where they can already enter other developers and do their tests

here more information


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Hi, well, in this site, Explain The Electronic  Invoices

I believe that to me it is not difficult to explain it.


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Good afternoon,
There is some development that allows to prepare Electronic Invoices, in my country Panama, the government is implementing it and, based on the Electronic Invoice of Mexico.

We currently use Fiscal Printers, but with the COVID problem, there are several people who are asking me about reliable accounting options with these particularities.

Franklin Lopez


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Good afternoon, I did the following test
Supplier Conditions: Supplier with 7% Tax, YOYTEC.
Conditions of the Articles: 1 article with 7% tax - IPAD, 1 article Exempt CALCULATOR.

On the same supplier invoice, I buy the iPad, and the calculator, but FA does not calculate tax for me, both take them exempt.

Set in SUPPLIER TAX GROUP, I put 7%, and in the articles, I also put 7%, and Excento the one that has no tax.

I think I did that, well, I will reread the help to see if I am doing something wrong, it also provides it by creating a tax group, but I think that does not apply.


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Thank, I will test it.


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but, If this ítem line is exempt, because In this line must be exempt, but in other lines, is taxable, or I want will be free tax. Or the vendor offer me it with tax, or I offer with tax.


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Hi, How I can do, if by each item line, can be different sales tax o item line exent, in one invoice o in one bills,  for example

1         Movil samsung              600.00              (This line is tax 7%)= 42.00   
3         Paper Bond-Box                4.00              (This line is Exempt) = 0

Because in Panama, We have line, Exempt or sales Tax 7, Sales tax 10 or Sales Tax 15, and can be on Sales Invoice or Bills.  Generally, the software have a on columns, where I can use to sales tax.

I do not do it?


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Thank, I am Sage 50 Technical Support, and I have knowledge about mysql, more or less. I like to use this program for my customers as a possibility. I am an Accountant.

I use phpmyadmin, and I understand that any company will have an identification table.
I will explore.


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Hi, I want to change the Account Code 1 in the chart or Account and only I can to change the Account code 2, How I can Do its?

I have the Chart of Account for Panama, I want to send it to you.

I use Sage 50 US, but I want to use FA.