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I have some problem with the currency exchange, I don't know if is a bug or my error on some procedures, the point is the next:

I have a customer with following statement in the transaction inquiry:

Invoice    U$120
Payment  U$118
JE           U$-2    (an adjustment, i can't do credit note)
Total  =   U$ 0.00

BUT, when I make the revaluation currency account, it's always made me journal for this customer and it's balance is zero!

Researching and reviewing the function "get_cust_account_curr_balances" and trying to understand I reach that:

The journal entry in the debtor_trans is in negative so when the sql statement do the function sum 118 + (-2) = 116 minus the invoice, result 4 and this multiply by the currency exchange give me the amount that the system do in the exchange currency journal entry.

Actually, to resolve this I only made a Journal entry but I don't know if  this situation is correct.

Great Work ! Bless you


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I don't know if someone have the same problem but with the extensions for import multiple journal, I have a problem.

When I already import the journal and I need to do another journal for other reason, after I had create the new journal and go to inquiry, I see that result that the previous journal (the imported) and the new Journal are mixed both in everything reference, account, memo, etc.

First I thought that it was because the reference, but not, even though I change the reference it always mixed the journal (only if the first one is imported and the second manually).

I found alternative solution for this, after I imported the journal, create a new journal with whatever account only with 0.01 cents in debit and credit, always they will mixed, but only I have to delete the account with 0.01 cents and save, after that, I can make new journal without mixed with the import journal.


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If your customer it's account is USD, then is Ok, because the customer always be USD100.00, for international standard you must change the balance or customer or vendor to local currency at the date of presentation.

Now where did change balance of your customer, in report or in General Ledger?

Ready! I reply the error in the lastest version

Attach send the step by step that how show me the mistake


I will post in the Mantis bugtracker too.

Yes, I understand but the problem is the converting is made two times, the amount is USD380 X 35 = 13300 first time.
13300 x 35 = 465500 2nd time

In the other think is that de journal are out of balance.

Hi, all transaction we made are in foreign currency (USD) the order, the payment and the customer is assigned with USD Currency

Hello appreciable people,

I have been making a prepaid invoice, so when I made the delivery, the accounting to General Ledger show me a difference in the debit and credit. I try to understand what happen and I saw that the delivery transaction is in another currency that is not my company currency, so in the accounting in deferred Income it multiply the amount in my local currency like it was a foreign currency and this made the difference in my accounting.(USD 380 x 35(exchange) = COR13000 x 35 (again) = COR465,500 (This show in the journal entry)

attach send image:

Dispatch Note: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iJ2x1nI66klIKkRsPEdTBuA8xMYQ_3Yo/view?usp=sharing
Prepaid Delivery: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wMGa82JKbqPiSkdbg3kbVibVlquc7Y1s/view?usp=sharing
Invoice: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11iVeYiXNnU2jfFnHNRphVT9xTusosXRh/view?usp=sharing
Deferred Account: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k4TwUw4nBwE3j6AScPucRynQIlQ06nzL/view?usp=sharing

PD: This Kind of topic I can put here or I have to make in mantis bugtracker?


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Thanks Pocho,

I changed the orientation but I have more sheets.
Download as Excel it's a good option but I work more big_smile

I can adjust columns widths, but  still it's put on another text (I resolved with this)

I can't adjust font sizes i need a little help for that


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When I see the List of Journal Report, the customer name is put as a debit value, so we can't see the amount. What can I do to avoid this?




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It made a compesation for supplier deductions and customer deductions and if in favor of the authorities I have to make a payments in the otherwise I kept to my favor until the closing year when i deduct it from final Tax reports.

Now I had make a Credit Note for the Retention of my costumer. I mean the invoice is for $100 I received a Pay for $98 and make a credit note for $2, but seem complicate in operations.


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Thanks, Apmuthu.

I made something like that, the point is the costumer invoice i need the tax retention make a deduction and the costumer pay only the diference.

Ex: Invoice $100 - $2 (tax reduction ) = $ 98 <-- My invoice will be posted with this amount and when I received the pay only view the net of Invoice.

In the sales invoice the tax don't let put a negative amount.

In the accounting I made exactly your propose.


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In my country we have a tax retention on invoice either supplier invoice or costumer invoice. Now then with supplier invoice a put a negative tax, so that I resolve the problem(I don´t know if I did it good) but in costumer invoice don't left me put a negative tax.

So my wish is a tax that make a dedution on invoice either in supplier and Costumer invoice.

Good Job!



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Only change $update_no = -1 to $update_no = 1


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Hello, I don´t Know how it happened, but, I reviewed the file fixed_assets/includes/fixed_assets_db.inc and I saw the code $update_no = -1

Now, I made the Process

Thanks for your answer

  $sql = "UPDATE ".TB_PREF."stock_master SET 
    WHERE stock_id=".db_escape($stock_id);
  db_query($sql,"The depreciation start date could not be updated");

  $update_no = -1;
  add_audit_trail(ST_JOURNAL, $update_no, $date_);

  return $trans_no;


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I've enter to debugging mode and get the following message, maybe because it, I can´t run the process:

ERROR DE BASE DE DATOS : Cannot add audit info
error code : 1264
error message : Out of range value for column 'trans_no' at row 1
sql that failed was : INSERT INTO audit_trail (type, trans_no, user, gl_date, description, stamp) VALUES('0', '-1',1,'2019-11-26','', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)



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Thanks for your answer,

I have the same account because I was testing. But I've changed the account and I had the same result.

Details Fixed Assets

Process Depreciation


For more Information I give you the database and config.php



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I made de Process Depreciation but nothing happens, I configure it like said in wiki and everything ok.

Doesn´t show any message so I don't know what should be the error.



Regards from Nicaragua