Topic: Extensions Import Multiple Journal

I don't know if someone have the same problem but with the extensions for import multiple journal, I have a problem.

When I already import the journal and I need to do another journal for other reason, after I had create the new journal and go to inquiry, I see that result that the previous journal (the imported) and the new Journal are mixed both in everything reference, account, memo, etc.

First I thought that it was because the reference, but not, even though I change the reference it always mixed the journal (only if the first one is imported and the second manually).

I found alternative solution for this, after I imported the journal, create a new journal with whatever account only with 0.01 cents in debit and credit, always they will mixed, but only I have to delete the account with 0.01 cents and save, after that, I can make new journal without mixed with the import journal.

Freddy Norori

Re: Extensions Import Multiple Journal

Just logout after an import and clear all browser cache and then login again - all should be okay.

Maybe some variables used (SESSION cache too) in the plugin / core do not get released after use and the plugin does not initialised variables used properly!