Thank you!

I assume 'simply' means to copy the referenced code into the appropriate directory ... I assume FA root?

How does one print such error file?

We also cannot print purchase order. It makes a star swirl on the screen for a second and then does nothing.

Direct supplier invoice seems to work.


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I think my customer may be asking too much. I considered that, but still how to invoice for the deposit.


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Sorry for my delay in reply.

To make it clear, I have no problem with what to do once the payment is received. The issue is how to invoice for a deposit. The post referenced starts the process after an advance payment is received.

I need to be able to invoice for the deposit amount before the job begins.
I can't make a sales order and convert it to an invoice as that assumes the job is complete, and there is yet work that may have to be added to the invoice.
The invoice for deposit has to be for the total of the deposit and nothing else.

The way I handled it this time, I created an item called Deposit for work to be performed, and set it as a tax exempt charge with an editable description. I made a direct invoice for the deposit itself, with a Deposit line each referencing each quotation (there are 3 quotes in this instance) so the total deposit was the bottom line.

It got the invoice to them, but this is not done correctly and makes questions like what if they want to have a receipt for the deposit, how do I apply the payment to the actual work invoice ...

So the process I need is to create a quotation, generate an invoice for the deposit, take the deposit, generate a receipt for the deposit, start the job, do the job, adjust the parts and labor for the actual amount, close the work order and invoice the balance.

I can handle all of it except to generate an invoice for the deposit.

Thanks in advance, I hope I was more clear on my need and capability.


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How does one send an invoice for a deposit? Notes on the quotation showing deposit required is not acceptable for a client type that I have.

So far it's been easy to make the quotation, and in the notes show that 50% deposit required. Most of the time the customer gives us deposit payment at the time they accept the quotation. We take 50% deposit on a job, convert it to invoice, allocate the payment for the deposit, then print a receipt and statement showing the deposit and balance due.

We have started business with a company that requires us to invoice for the deposit - what is the correct way to do this? I find several things on the wiki and forum that gets close, but so far I can't figure out how to invoice for the deposit without causing other issues.


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I just struggled with this and now my invoices show the county and state tax separately. Not necessary, but makes paying my sales tax easier.

Im in USA so it is State, County and *some* cities.

Set up a tax type for each county and state you do business in.
Then set up tax groups as appropriate. Fr the simple setup, I have A sales type called State - FL, and several county sales tax types. So for say Orange County, FL the group has State - FL and County - Orange assigned to it,

Then in the CUSTOMER setup under their branch, select the appropriate tax group. IE Florida Orange etc.

When I do an invoice now, it shows Sales Tax - FL and Sales Tax - Orange as separate lines.

I know this is an old thread but it was a task and I thought it might help some people I send here.


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THANK YOU this will be a big deal ;]


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New users get intimidated by what *looks* like outdated information
Screenshots are different from the version they have
instructions from older versions leave user wondering if it is current for their version
So they ask questions in the forum ...

I have this same issues with other wikis I'm involved with. Not enough time to rebuild instructions every time a screen is changed or new version released.

Perhaps a tag on each page "Applies to versions xxx - xxx"

In any case, a big task and ongoing. No easy solution. Perhaps charge someone with regular updates? I do this for two sites and it's a lot of work at upgrade time.


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I used to be able to describe labor activities in the editable item descriptions but the last few updates have limited that to 50 characters.

On Labor type entries sometimes we need to make a detailed description that may take a couple hundred characters to describe. Using multiple labor items makes the invoice look cluttered. Zero cost items do not print on the invoice so each line has to have a portion of the labor.

256, 512?? MORE than 50 please ;]


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We had missed a customer payment and entered it, changing the date to be appropriate. But we failed to change the date on the next current payment entered so it shows as if it were paid a few months before it was billed.

Is there a way to change the date of a customer payment? Or cancel it and add it back with the right date?


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So I've been going over what others do and what it looks like FA will accommodate. If I read correctly FA is already set up to do a "2 10 net 30" meaning if they pay within 10 days they can take 2% off but it's a net 30 account.

Along those lines I want to have my regular rate, a large discount if they pay within 15 days, and refuse to accept new work if they're 15 days past due of a net 15 account.

How would I go about setting that up in FA?


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I have some customers that I have given a good discount to but they constantly take too long to pay.

Is there a way to have their discount reduce as time passes?

something like
if paid within 10 days 44%
if paid within 15 days 25%
if paid within 30 days 10%
past due no discount

Is there something like this already built into FA, and if so where can I find instructions to do so?

Somewhere down the line I added a customer payment and failed at that time to print its receipt.

How does one go back to a previous payment and print the receipt?


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poncho1234 wrote:

the only thing I can think of is that you have in a previous direct invoice changed the Reference: manually?

Maybe? Thinking the reverse of this would solve my issue I followed a simplified version of your instructions ... backed up, manually incremented the reference in a live invoice and processed it, printed a statement and ... back on track!!

I must have backed that up one number thinking I would fix an invoice. So I incremented it to match the expected number on the statement and it did.

Odd, changing the reference to {100} did NOT change the invoice number ...

Thanks, I'm able to match invoice numbers on my statements now and that's what I needed.

Created an ftp user in cpanel and gave it write permission to the FA directory.
Used Filezilla to upload changed files.

Determined the database name in the settings dialog of cpanel installatron.

From the sql/en_US-new.sql file found
('print_dialog_direct','', 'tinyint', 1, '0')
('ref_no_auto_increase','', 'tinyint', 1, '0')

Used phpmyadmin to 'insert' the print_dialog_direct row, ref_no_auto_increase was already there.

copied the following line in
    $xr_providers = array("ECB", "EXCHANGE-RATES.ORG", "GOOGLE", "YAHOO", "BLOOMBERG");

over the following line in
    $xr_providers = array("ECB", "YAHOO", "GOOGLE", "BLOOMBERG");

used Geany to edit files and uploaded the new file with Filezilla.
Uploaded post updates with filezilla.

Logged in and data appears intact. at the bottom it says 2.4.7. IN setup / software upgrade it shows 2.4.1 and Up To Date (?!)

What else should I see to verify update?

Created and downloaded a backup in FA.
Used cpanel installatron to uninstall the upgraded version.
Usined cpanel installatron to do a clean install of 2.4.7
logged into FA and restored the backup, data appears there.

Now to install modules and themes. If modules previously are not reinstalled, can that cause a problem?

Thank you very much. I don't think I understand your directions, and I don't want to assume anything since I'm new to this.

apmuthu wrote:

* Put in the missing sys_prefs table records

I found the database that cPanel assigned to FA, and the sys_prefs table. Use PHPMyAdmin to add these? In any particular order?

apmuthu wrote:

* Update the config.php file

I found This Page but I'm unsure what to update.

Sorry for my ignorance but I need just a little more detail.

I installed FA through the 'Installatron' app on Godaddy's CPanel Hosting. I had 'minor' version upgrades checked but it skipped 2.4.5 and 6 but upgraded to 7. I managed to restore my 2.4.4 but am daunted by the process of upgrading myself.

I get the basic idea that I have to update to each minor version in serial order. It's the details that scare me.

1) Could one could do a backup, download the backup, uninstall FA, reinstall the latest version, upload and restore the backup?
    Would one have to do that in version order?

2) I have FTP access to the FA installation folder. Is it as simple as replacing changed files? I found this post but I'm not clear about what to do with the 'changed files.'

3) Are there any CPanel specific instructions?

In the case of 2, would the process be something like
a] back up, download the backup file
b] upload the 'changed files'
c] restore backup
and repeat for each update?

Sorry if this has already been answered but I'm not seeing any instructions that clearly apply to me :[

I've been advised in the future in CPanel to check 'all updates' and have it backup automatically before upgrade. I'm glad I had the latter set before this upgrade, as the restoration was painless. I just see features in the newer releases that might benefit me and want to keep current anyway.

Thanks in advance for any confidence offered.


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Can you post a link to the 2.4.7 changed files here as well?

poncho1234 wrote:

{C} works in sales direct invoice but only after page refresh

Attempts to set reference {C} gives me the error
Invalid placeholder 'C'. Placeholders allowed for this transaction type are: MM,YY,YYYY,UU,P.


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Sorry it took me a while to do this in a way that it doesn't expose data.


I can't use the statement as the invoice numbers on it are one number off from the number on the invoice itself.

Screenshots of what section in FA would be helpful next?? I'm baffled by this behavior and trying to figure out what I did wrong. I don't really care about work order, sales order and invoice number matching, but the invoice number on the statement HAS to match the invoice number on the invoice.


Thanks in advance


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Have to edit the access for the new module, even for system admin ... but entries still grayed out ... after adding HRM access, save then re-enter two more checkboxes appear, checked them and still all items are grayed out.

Is there something else to add first?

EDIT: had to log out, ctrl-f5 to refresh the browser and then log back in ... items are no longer grayed out.


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Installed and activated fronthrm ... but all items within it are grayed out ... what next?


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The problem manifests itself when I send a statement. "Outstanding Transactions" shows a list of "Sales Invoice" numbers. But those numbers are off from the numbers on the Sales Invoices I sent them previously ...


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I'm not understanding what I may have done to have my SO numbers not match my Invoice numbers and it's driving me nuts. If I send a Statement to one of my customers the numbers seem to be wrong.

I've been using "Direct Invoice" to bill my customer and I think it automatically creates a SO and a Delivery Note? But the numbers do not match.

What should I set up or correct to get the SO and Invoice numbers to match up?  What other information should I post to give the info you need to help ...

Love the package, but I'm no where near an accountant and have probably muxed something up.

Thanks in advance for any pointers advice or help.