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Topic: Direct Invoice > Price Before Tax


I've been trying to find if it is possible to get FA to accept a 'price before tax' entry and then FA calculates the taxes. I'm trying to create a direct invoice. Here is an example invoice:

Item             Price (before tax)   
Item1             50
Item2             60
Sub Total       110
Tax1 (10%)     11
Tax2 (5%)         5.5
Total Invoice   126.5

Please let me know if this is possible with configuration changes

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Re: Direct Invoice > Price Before Tax

Check Company Setup for settings on tax mode

Re: Direct Invoice > Price Before Tax

@apmuthu: thanks for the quick reply! However I could not find a tax mode setting in Company setup. The only options are
- Put alternative Tax Include on Docs
- Suppress Tax Rates on Docs

Could you point me to the location of Tax mode?


Re: Direct Invoice > Price Before Tax

Sales => Maintenance => Sales Types => Use the Tax Incl checkbox as needed.

Re: Direct Invoice > Price Before Tax

I just struggled with this and now my invoices show the county and state tax separately. Not necessary, but makes paying my sales tax easier.

Im in USA so it is State, County and *some* cities.

Set up a tax type for each county and state you do business in.
Then set up tax groups as appropriate. Fr the simple setup, I have A sales type called State - FL, and several county sales tax types. So for say Orange County, FL the group has State - FL and County - Orange assigned to it,

Then in the CUSTOMER setup under their branch, select the appropriate tax group. IE Florida Orange etc.

When I do an invoice now, it shows Sales Tax - FL and Sales Tax - Orange as separate lines.

I know this is an old thread but it was a task and I thought it might help some people I send here.

Re: Direct Invoice > Price Before Tax

From suppliers page , you can see a check box stating that "Prices contain tax included". If you didn't check this , and when you make supplier invoice against the same supplier. It will be showing the price  before tax.  And your tax will be added after the price.   Here not much tricky part like sales types to play role.  Simply a checkbox helps you to make it.

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