Topic: sliding discount after due date?

I have some customers that I have given a good discount to but they constantly take too long to pay.

Is there a way to have their discount reduce as time passes?

something like
if paid within 10 days 44%
if paid within 15 days 25%
if paid within 30 days 10%
past due no discount

Is there something like this already built into FA, and if so where can I find instructions to do so?

Re: sliding discount after due date?

My word of advice: don't.  Customers will see the discount schedule and always take the largest discount no matter when the payment is made.  Then you are stuck with sending them a statement asking for more money which they may dispute and believe me can lead to legal action.   If you go this route, you just need to add the calculation on the invoice like you would for invoice signature.   Like the built-in FA prompt payment discount, this would be informative only and you manually split the invoice amount and discount on the customer payment screen.

My recommendation is to work out the varying customer discounts in advance.  Send them notice that their customer discount will be changing due to slow payment, low volume, etc.  Then change their discount to a lower or no discount in their customer record.

Re: sliding discount after due date?

So I've been going over what others do and what it looks like FA will accommodate. If I read correctly FA is already set up to do a "2 10 net 30" meaning if they pay within 10 days they can take 2% off but it's a net 30 account.

Along those lines I want to have my regular rate, a large discount if they pay within 15 days, and refuse to accept new work if they're 15 days past due of a net 15 account.

How would I go about setting that up in FA?