Halfway impressed with my self. The first half of your post I had already done!

I'll give the rest a shot and report back, probably tomorrow.


I'm curious about having 'running totals'.

Let me give a scenario to hopefully help to understand my question.

My business is strictly a service oriented business. I've got several clients and those clients have different projects. Lets say for example I'm working with Client A on Project 1. I do 15 minutes of work today, 30 minutes tomorrow, and 15 the next day. Is there a way to create an invoice and add each day's time as it happens? The ultimate goal is to 'finalize' the invoice at the end of the month and send that to the client for that project.


I too am running a small consulting business. All of my sales are for services, not actual physical items. I have not been able to locate a checkbox or setting box in setup|Company Setup to indicate this is strictly a service-based business.

My issue is similiar to the one that startd this conversation, but I've still not be able to find a solid solution. I've created an invoice for two services provided with a set number of hours. I need to go back and reduce the number of hours on the invoice after all was said and done, but I get the error warning:

"You attempting to make the quantity ordered a quantity less than has already been delivered. The quantity delivered cannot be modified retrospectively."

I'm not sure how to resolve this either by the correct settings to NOT have 'inventory' or items 'being delivered' OR to be able to edit an invoice to the corrected number of hours.

I'm hesitant to attempt the patch listed above for now just in case it is something I may have set incorrectly in the company setup.


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I figured it out finally. I ended up making a 'tax-exempt' group and assigning that to the services that were exempt. Ended up working perfectly!

Only issue now is the two invoices created before I figured this out  with taxes included in them!


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In my particular instance, my small business is providing a non-taxed service. I've drilled over the wiki and found what I thought was the answer:

Using Tax on already added Tax (Some Canadian Regions use this)
Certain regions in Canada have a Federal Tax of 5% and a Provincial tax of 7.5% on already taxed items. Here is how you can handle that.

First create 2 Tax Types:
Federal Tax 5%, rate 5. Remember to include the 5% in the name.
Provincial Tax 7.5%, rate 7.875. (7.5 * 1.05). Remember to include the 7.5% in the name. You may need to increase the percent decimals in preferences. The value 1.05 is the value of Federal Tax + 1. If the Federal Tax was 6% this value would be 1.06.
Combine these two Tax Types into a Tax Group.
Find the variable, $suppress_tax_rates, in config.php about line 193. Change the value to 1. This will suppress the internal tax rate when printing.
That's it.

I have scoured the config.php file in the root directory of Frontaccounting and did not find a variable named, @suppress_tax_rtes. I've even used the find feature in Brackets to no avial.

This there anothe config.php file I shouuld be looking in?