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In my particular instance, my small business is providing a non-taxed service. I've drilled over the wiki and found what I thought was the answer:

Using Tax on already added Tax (Some Canadian Regions use this)
Certain regions in Canada have a Federal Tax of 5% and a Provincial tax of 7.5% on already taxed items. Here is how you can handle that.

First create 2 Tax Types:
Federal Tax 5%, rate 5. Remember to include the 5% in the name.
Provincial Tax 7.5%, rate 7.875. (7.5 * 1.05). Remember to include the 7.5% in the name. You may need to increase the percent decimals in preferences. The value 1.05 is the value of Federal Tax + 1. If the Federal Tax was 6% this value would be 1.06.
Combine these two Tax Types into a Tax Group.
Find the variable, $suppress_tax_rates, in config.php about line 193. Change the value to 1. This will suppress the internal tax rate when printing.
That's it.

I have scoured the config.php file in the root directory of Frontaccounting and did not find a variable named, @suppress_tax_rtes. I've even used the find feature in Brackets to no avial.

This there anothe config.php file I shouuld be looking in?


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I guess the WIKI is for 2.3.x and its true the suppress_tax_rate is found in the config.php.. but for 2.4.x its in the company setup screen where you tick the Suppress Tax Rates on Docs.

Re: Removing auto tax calc...

I figured it out finally. I ended up making a 'tax-exempt' group and assigning that to the services that were exempt. Ended up working perfectly!

Only issue now is the two invoices created before I figured this out  with taxes included in them!