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I'm curious about having 'running totals'.

Let me give a scenario to hopefully help to understand my question.

My business is strictly a service oriented business. I've got several clients and those clients have different projects. Lets say for example I'm working with Client A on Project 1. I do 15 minutes of work today, 30 minutes tomorrow, and 15 the next day. Is there a way to create an invoice and add each day's time as it happens? The ultimate goal is to 'finalize' the invoice at the end of the month and send that to the client for that project.


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Re: Running total - Same invoice Best Practice....

A way to do this:-

Create a UOM for hours; set to 2 decimal places, (or one for minutes to be exact)

Then create an item with the name of your service, make sure you select 'service' for Item Type:, select the above UOM and make sure you check the box marked Editable description:

Make sure you have the term of payment you require Setup ->  Payment Terms ('Day in the following month' would probably be best for you)

Then go to Sales -> Sales Order Entry

Select the credit terms you require; do not leave as 'Cash'. and fill out the rest of the details.
Select the item you created above, now because you checked the box marked Editable description, you can amend the Item Description to anything you want, in your case add the date, job number, etc. fill in the rest of the Item line...quantity...price(setup sales price first and this will fill automatically).. etc
When you finish click 'Place Order'.

The next day go to Sales ->Sales Order Inquiry and find the sales order you made the day before (you may need to change the search parameters ie date) Click the edit icon on the right, you should now see the previous order and can add another Item line with this days work...when you finish click the button labelled 'Commit Order Changes'. Then repeat this precedure for every day.

At the the end of the month after you've entered the last day you will see an option to 'Confirm Order Quantities and Make Delivery', check the details then click 'Process Despatch' button,  you will see an option to 'Invoice This Delivery', one last chance to change only quantities, click 'Process Invoice' and your customer will have an itemised bill.

Try it on your training company first.

The FrontAccounting Wiki(Manual, examples, tips, setup info, links to accounting sites, etc)

Re: Running total - Same invoice Best Practice....

Halfway impressed with my self. The first half of your post I had already done!

I'll give the rest a shot and report back, probably tomorrow.