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Thank you for answering


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showing error as OpenSSL PHP extension have to be enabled to use extension repository system.

what should i do


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I have few doubts in HRM Module

1. I want to delete the old Pay slip Entry how can I delete it
2. Please kindly Explain in detail about Grade Pay
3. What is use of Grade pay in FrontAccounting and how to create Grade pay transaction


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The first company which I created I haven't given any table prefix is it so that If I want to create multiple companies I have to add table prefix because I created new company with new database but still it gives me error wrong password or username


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Sir I tried creating company from default company but it gives me error of wrong password or user name do I have to create new database as I am creating a new company


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How to create multiple companies in FrontAccounting


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I would like to know How FrontAccounting is different from tally, what are the Key points ?

Hi, I would like to know which all companies or small scale industries are using this FrontAccounting software. Reply awaited.


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Thank you for the appreciation of our tutorials. We're thrilled that our updated FrontAccounting tutorials are recommended on the official FrontAccounting website. Thank you


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Thank you for your interest. Here's the overview of the FA course https://script.spoken-tutorial.org/index.php/FrontAccounting-2.4.7. And here is the link to the tutorials https://spoken-tutorial.org/tutorial-search/?search_foss=FrontAccounting-2.4.7&search_language=English.

I'll be happy to give more details if you wish. Please don't hesitate to ask.


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I am glad to inform you all that Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay project has created tutorials on the FrontAccounting software. Whoever are interested to learn this accounting software from scratch please let me know. I will help you and guide you for the same.


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How to delete transaction and how will I come to know which transaction I have made against that fixed asset


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When I am trying to delete fixed assets classes it shows this error "Cannot delete this class because it is used by some fixed asset items" Why and how I can delete this classes ?


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How do I change user from system Admin to Sub admin because it is not giving me access to many features like user setup company setup etc,

Where can i find this link in off line mode ? Do I have to every time login on forum and download this link ?


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Thank you so much for replying.

Language File (MO), Language File (PO)  may I know what this stands for and also purpose of selecting this option


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Can we change language if someone is not comfortable with English if yes then how can we change that ?


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No, It is not getting deleted a error comes when I click on cross mark !!


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How to delete fiscal Year ?


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I would like to know definition or the meaning of every component or options which has been given in front accounting

Where can I find that ??


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Which accounting standard has been used while creating front accounting software
Does it have Indian accounting standard ??