Hi apmuthu
Really it is Painful task. you mean all i need is under this file rep107.php is there any file need customize?
please i need help on this can you give me the line code for font size, line code for width and column so that i can try to do it

  I need some php programmer to customize invoice size from A4 to 3*5 Thermal printer?

Hi notrinos
  Can you tell what what do you mean change paper size on my browser how i can do that.

Hi All
Please i want to know How i can fix the invoice shape to  small size Thermal printer
any one can help me for this i user frontaccounting version 2.3.4

Waiting your reply

Hi apmuthu
  i downloaded the barcode reader apps for the iPhone. but when i use it to read the barcode it just read it and show the code in iphone screen not in my pc fa screen in invoice.

You said ,,just scan in the Barcode and it will appear in the said field,, how i can make it appear in the said field? it is only appear in iPhone screen. Is there any configuration for that?
can you please help me?

i need some Developers configure barcode reader with my FA using iphone or android QRcode or any app for barcode reader to read the barcode and send it to invoice table. means sales man can scan the barcode and transfer the data to sales invoice table automatic Actually it is not data it is only send the code number as text in the specific field for enter code number filed  ex. 12356899 .
the data will appear automatically in FA.

can some one do that to me?

Thanks poncho1234 it is working Great.

Thanks apmuthu .

Hi Every one
  How i can disappear some items . like if i have sales man i want give him some access only and the other items i want it disappear not hidden as it is now.
is there any method for that?


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then how i can solve this issue?


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US chart 4 digit


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Hi All
Please can any one clarify to me this. I try to make update but i got this red message

The retained earnings account must be an account of the financial statement or ...

see Pic


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still not fixed

in English it is ok but in arabic no


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Hi apmuthu
  i read the wiki several times but i stoped here it is Ambiguous.
i stoped in point 7- So per 01/31/2010 we would enter a JE where we ((((empty)))) the Tax Accounts and counter book them on the Accrued Tax Account.
i do know in your side when you do JE it become empty but in my side still there no empty at all.


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How to make these fields centered in invoice as per attachment?



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Great. I found it as you told me. Thanks.


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You are right Viwal. Thanks alot.
But when you make DR and CR nothing happen to the tax report i can not make it empty to calculate for the new next month.
still the tax amount there. although i created accrued account for that.   f.i.  I have to pay tax 2000 then i made JE DR from 2150 sales tax account 2000 and CR 2000 for accrued account . nothing happen . when i check the tax report nothing happen still there is 2000 need to be empty. How??

you know what happen with me, just the transitions number changed as you mentioned above,  50,000 sales tax  48,000 purchase tax after JE it become 48,000 sales tax 50,000 purchase tax still there is gab 2000. this is confuse me!


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How i can edit invoice template
when i print invoice  i want to add word (Tax) above it is now like this Invoice i want it Tax Invoice


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Hello All
  Please i want to know what is the correct configuration for this table in tax Type

Sales GL Account: 2150 Sales Tax   
Purchasing GL Account:    what i have choose here make it same Sales 2150 Sales Tax or i have to create new GL Account Chart of Accounts) and put like 2170 Purchasing Tax

Please waiting your reply.


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Hi All
  i try to download database 1 for company 1 and upload it to another company but it is not work

i created 2 companies company1 company2  i want to put backup company 1 database in company 2 for testing
company1 has Table Pref _0  company to has Table Pref _1 is this make problem? if yes how i can change the Table Pref?

i try to do the same but no way the tax report still there i need to pay 1375

can you please explain to me this sentence on Braket
*( you empty the balances from sales/purchase tax and move this balance into the Accrued Account for Tax collection.)

i created Accrued Account aready
and i went to JE so when i put debit 1375 from sales Tax and Credit to Accrued Account 1375 is this mean make it empty!
please clarify it to me.

pounch1234 sorry i did not see your comment thanks to you

Thanks apmuthu
now i did as you told me. credit from sales tax 2150 and debit to accrued use tax payable 2160.Now how i make the tax report become 0 to calculate for new month?

JE Entry produces

Hi Joe, apmuthu and all

i got this message when  i try to do JE entry for tax
The journal must balance (debits equal to credits) before it can be processed.
i have to pay tax 1350 I saw it in Tax report.


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I found it
you are right Joe now i can see invoice purchase tax in report. there was error from me i found it in supplier it was selected tax exempt i change it to tax it appear. thanks joe and thanks apmuthu


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i generate the purchase invoice but i do not see it in tax report just i see sale tax. can you please tell me How?