That worked. I tried searching the forum and wiki, and did not find this solution. Perhaps I was using the wrong search terms.


I can no longer pull PDF reports in either my production 2.2.7 or test 2.3.1 versions.

Is there a setting I have missed?

My production version is currently 2.2.7.

I wanted to upgrade that to 2.3.1.

So, first problem is that I no longer can log into as admin in the Training Co. in 2.2.7. I tried to change the password as outlined elsewhere in this forum in PHPmyadmin, which did not seem to take.

I then did a backup in the 2.2.7 database from within Frontaccounting.

Then, 2.3.1 was installed in a new database and directory.

I tried to restore the 2.2.7 database into the 2.3.1 database, everything seemed to work (no error messages), but when I tried to see if there was any data in the 2.3.1 database, it was empty.

Any thoughts?

We still have a problem.

Now, when I open to enter a Supplier Invoice, it appears that I am entering a CREDIT NOTE. I will upload screen shot into Mantis.

2.3RC version.

Entered Supplier invoice.. everything seemed correct.
Pressed enter, and now when do an invoice inquiry, it shows as 70.00 to rent(correct) and 3.50 to sales tax (correct) a sub-total of 73.50 (correct) then it adds a 5% (default sales tax) of 3.50 (which would be correct on 70.00 and comes up with a Total Invoice of 3.50 (incorrect).

Now, when we to the trial balance, and pull up the transaction, it shows the following:
                            DR              CR
Accounts Payable                    3.50
Rent                        70.00
Sales Tax                   3.50
Foreign Exchange Gain          70.00

How did the Foreign Exchange Gain account get into the mix??? I checked the System and General GL Setup, and there is nothing strange there, in fact, I had left it as the default installed.

Seems this may be a bug.

I am testing 2.3 RC1, but it seems the same manifests itself in 2.2.

When I try to enter a new direct invoice, the dimension drop down tab is blank, even though I have set up 2 dimensions.

Is there another setting that may interfere with showing the dimensions in the drop down?


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OK... I installed a phpinfo.php file as my php.ini was hidden sad.

I edited it, and now the parameters that report back are as you suggested, in other words, the allow_url_fopen is set to "ON" (actual command line is allow_url_fopen = 1).

This did not help. I logged out, closed browser, cleared my cache and tried again.

I found the new files in Mantis, and was able to find the locations for the and, however, I can not find where the should go... I assume that is a new file.

So two questions, where does the go, and can I change my php.ini back to get rid of the allow_url_fopen, as there has been some suggestion there may be security concerns with it being "on".

Thanks in advance.


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Hmmm... I don't see a php.ini file in any of my Frontaccouting instances, whether it is 2.x or 2.3RC1. I do have php.ini files in some of my other databases I am running, and they all work fine.

As I can't seem to see the php.ini file in the 2.3RC1 download, could you refer me to where I could get one to d/l?


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Not sure what other feed back your getting (I don't see these issues when I do a search), but the following happened today:

1) I tried installing 2.3RC1 to use as a test bed. On the first attempt, once the install showed as complete (to this point everything looked OK), I tried running index.php and all I got was a blank screen.

I deleted all files on the server, re-installe 2.3RC1, and this time the only difference was that I did not ask the additional COA's to be included.

It worked the second time.

2) I tried to install Themes (I really like Exclusive theme just released) and got the following message: "the Release file in repository is invalid, or public key is outdated."

I got the same message for installing COA's.

Any thoughts?

chaitanya wrote:

Hi Avb3,

Thanks for the reply but while defining TAX we do not define Net Tax Payable account.
Could you please help to understand ?



Joe is right, read the wiki first.

Try this link:

It should explain it for you, unless you have a situation that is completely different.


I was able to take a look at 2.3 today. I think you got it absolutely right the way this is included, and is exactly what I had hoped for.

How far away is 2.3 from being stable and we being able to use it in a production environment?

Thanks for the upgrade!


Entry would be CR Bank
and DR Net Tax Payable


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Luis, upon discussion with my colleague, she wonders if this way of presentation is required by any specific legislation?

Can you perhaps advise why you want to show the tax as an income, and then as an expense? It does not make sense in the normal way of doing things.

BTW, she agrees, that Brazilian tax law is very complex smile


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lmn wrote:

Brazilian Tax System is one of the most complex... We have a special tax system for small income Companies. The Income TAX varies (from 6% to 20%) according to the the last 12 months income. Separating Credit (Income) General Sales would make this total income more evident.

For other companies, we also don't have a simple VAT, but 4 direct taxes (PIS, COFINS, ICMS and IPI) some of them are also variables, and we can't compensate. On the top of them, we have income revenue tax, with can be reducted from some taxes (but not all). Also, we have some indirect tax (for example if you sell cigars, alcohol or fuel)...

In both case, the best way for us would be to have a expense account for taxes.

Can you imagine a way to do it?

Thanks for your reply!

Luis Nogueira

Luis, let me talk to a colleague of mine who used to work in the audit section with Price Waterhouse in Brazil (she is Brazilian). I can imagine a number of ways of doing this, but I would rather have her input.


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Why would you want to do that?

Any funds collected from sales tax are not gross sales; in fact, in many jurisdictions you are holding those funds "in trust" for the taxing agency. It affects cashflow, but not your P&L.


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Thanks once again for a magnificent response and quick implementation.

I know that one can't always implement everyone's wishes due to technical reasons, and your solution allows for a work around for all.

Thanks again... this makes life a whole lot easier for many!


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joe wrote:

Hey, man, take it easy smile

Maybe we can get some input from others here?


I also agree it would be useful to have more than one year active.

That being said, perhaps it is a matter of permissioins, whereby only a superuser could access the previous fiscal year end, and all others could only access the current year end?

This would allow for year end adjustments without having to resort to posting to retained earnings.

One other way that perhaps this could be addressed is to allow for a 13 period year. This means that all regular items would be posted as normal, and YE adjustments would be posted in the 13th period. Again, this would be permission based.


What did you back up? The SQL file? Were you running FA locally? Under Windows or a Linux OS?

It all makes a difference... your question is almost like asking how long is a piece of string smile

I see that this is listed as one of the features, but I have not been able to find how to use this optional link. I searched the forums, and there appears to be no comments on it. The wiki does not appear to have any information either.

Is this option available? If so, how do we set it up.

Thanks in advance.


I think that would be great if that could be included; at least it would draw the users attention to it and be more user friendly then having to look through the Setup Tab for information... as it is not really related.

Your solution would address the issue. Are you able to release coding on that, or do we wait for the next upgrade?

Joe, I think it would be a GREAT idea to do that.

Just to be clear that we mean the same thing, what I would envision is that if I were to call up an inquiry, say on a supplier, and an attachment existed, that inquiry would have a link to the attachment.

I think it would be a wonderful enhancement, especially as so many users have scanners, and most of the implementation already exists.

I can attach a document to a supplier invoice, but the only way I can see of pulling it back up is by going to the Setup tab-Attach Documents, and then pick from the list.

It seems that there should be a way for me to pull up the attachment from the original entry in Accounts Payable. Am I missing a step, or is this the only way I can find an attachment?

It would seem that with hundreds or thousands of entries that this procedure would get cumbersome.

Thanks for any advice or comments.


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I have now set up 4 different companies in 4 different subdomains, so that part works well.

I wonder if the problem has to do with your host? On some shared hosts, you can only use one database, hence the 0,1 etc. on set up.

Look at your company setup screen when you are adding a new company. What is the table pref that you are using? It defaults to 1, however, that you would use only if you are on a shared host or if your local setup will not allow multiple databases. I notice from your screen shot that you are writing to the same database, yet you have no table pref set for the second company.

Try setting up a different database for the additional companies, and setting table pref to "none" on the company setup, pointing the new company to the new database.

Let us know if that works... good luck.

Janusz, please step in if I got any of this incorrect, but it seems to work for me.

I got the following error message. This occurred after I tried to invoke a reoccurring invoice, which I may have set up wrong, and I was trying to correct it.

Undefined variable: sub_total in file:
/homepages/31/d322290405/htdocs/forte/sales/view/view_dispatch.php at line 150

What should I be doing to correct or avoid this in the future?

I have setup a couple of companies, and with three I had no problem, yet the fourth insists on showing "demouser" and "password" on the opening login screen.

I took a look at login.php, and there is a line that suggests if $allow_demo_mode" is true then the "demouser" and "password" will appear.

I have tried setting $allow_demo_mode" to "false" and it has had no affect.

When I check the login.php scripts for the three other companies, they appear to be identical to the one I am having a problem with.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance smile