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Hello.  After an inadvertent Maria upgrade on an Ubuntu 18.04 server, I found I could no longer access my company files.

I finally resorted to a clean install with a primary company 'activ' which is the same as my 'old' primary company.

Is there any way I can restore my old configuration by overwriting the /var/www/html/accounts files with a backupof the old directory structure  and (presumably) resoring the databases to /var/lib/mysql as well?



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I unintentionally initiated an upgrade of the database on our server to 10.1.29-MariaDB-6 (Ubuntu 18.04).

After the upgrade I could not use any of the database based applications we use including SuiteCRM, and Frontaccounting.  I eventually got PhpMyadmin to work and have basically accepted that my SuiteCRM data is lost.

On Frontaccounting the symptom is that the login screen comes up in the browser but the system will not accept any of the login credentials so I think there is more at play here than just a password restore.

We have about 10 small companies running on the system and I wanted some advise please on the best strategy to follow to recover the system?: Possibly a clean install followed by an import of each company's backup maybe?


Hello. I changed the Reference Lines but appending an "A" to each number and it still does not work. 

Is there a way to force the auto increment ID update?

We currently don't have a static IP to our domain. Could I use Dropbox or Google Drive?


I could not paste directly to your window and when I paste the links in the reply window I suspect that the links will stay text and not resolve to the graphic.


No this does not appear to be the case. How do I attach screenshots so I can show you the offending entry?file:///home/barry/Temp/Screenshot_FA_Import.png
When I do it with cut and paste only the filename shows.


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How do you actually attach screenshots to a post?

Hello.  I have successfully imported several hundred transactions using the Import Transactions module. 

When I tried to import transactions relating to a second account,  I got an error message: "The entered information is a duplicate. Please go back and enter different values."

I have checked the import CSV file and the rows referred to in the error message appear correct. How do I resolve this please.

I can upload the relevant error message and the source .csv file entries if required.


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For your information: Something appears to have gone wrong in the latest version of the Import Transactions module as contained in the 2.4.2 update. I had the   Undefined variable: use_popup_windows in file: problem but then overwrote the module with the version I had downloaded from apmuthus's repo and the problem disappeared.


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Hello apmuthu message of the 07/27/2017 refers.  Where do I find "@braathwaate's instructions" to turn off strict mode in MySQL v5.7?


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Hello.  I have used transaction import successfully, backed up the result but when I tried to do another one the error :
"Undefined variable: use_popup_windows in file: /var/www/html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php at line 68" reappeared for some reason.

Your advice on the reason for this and how to clear it would be appreciated.

Hi.  I got it to work. Thanks

I  have successfully imported historical transactions into FA and am now trying to do a few trial current transactions.

I have set up Taxes (VAT @14%), Tax Groups (1.Domestic, 2.Export) and Item Tax Types (1.E 2.S 3.Z) (Exempt, Standard Rate and Zero Rated respectively).

The first transaction I tried was for VATable legal fees.
I set up the supplier (our attorney) and then tried to capture a VAT invoice for monthly fees as a Direct Supplier Invoice.
After entering the invoice I checked the GL and found that the total payable to the attorneys was reflected as a credit in Accounts Payable, which is correct, but the debit side of the transaction was wrong.  Instead of posting the ex VAT portion to Legal Fees and the balance to the VAT control account, the whole amount, including the VAT component, was posted to Legal Fees.

Can anyone please advise what I might be doing wrong?

PS: In the supplier setup the "Prices Include VAT" box is ticked.


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Hello.  The messages I am sending are from Google Chrome running on KDE-Neon which is based on Ubuntu 16.04.

FA is installed on a local fileserver and accessed from Linux based workstations on the LAN.

The MySQL on the server is: MySQL Server version: 5.7.19-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 - (Ubuntu). Protocol version: 10 and PHP etc.: Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu), PHP version: 7.0.18-0ubuntu0.16.04.1.

Can I manually set the auto_increment field values?


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Hello.  Is there a way to change the default date for reports to ranges such as:
This Financial Year
This Financial Year to date
This Month
Last Financial year


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Hello. Once again I spoke too soon. This time the Import Transaction trial run showed up all green. I then unticked to process.  The procedure appeared to run and notified of various GL updates but when I then ran a TB the transactions were not there.  BTW after running the TB and returning to the import module it was 'greyed out' and I had to log out and back in to reaccess it.


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Thanks very much.  That appears to have worked.  BTW what was the difference between the file you posted and the one contained in the full modules one?


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Ref above: Too soon.  When I actually tried to run the module I got "Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_fetch_assoc() in /var/www/html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/includes/import_transactions.inc:643"


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Hi. FYI. I cut and pasted the contents of  "the correct version of import_transactions/import_transactions.php" above  into <FA_WebRoot>/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php and it appears to work. (not heavily tested though).
This appears to suggest that the import_transactions.php in the latest import_transactions module differs.


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It looks like I need to repair my installed_extensions.php file. (You mentioned files plural. Is there another one?)

Is the best way to do this to remove all extensions and themes, reset $next_extension_id = ***; // unique id for next installed extension, to 1 and then reinstall the themes and modules?

BTW I see that in the the installed extensions array all the extensions are shown as  'active' => false. Is this correct?


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Oh I also made all the modules RW.


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I unzipped the modules in the downloads folder, copied them into the <FA_WebRoot>/modules/ folder. Then in FA I removed the previous modules and reinstalled same.  Will this automatically add them to the installed_extensions.php files?


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I downloaded and applied the latest Extensions modules from GITHub and applied the new modules, themes and languages.

Unfortunately the dreaded:         "Undefined variable: use_popup_windows in file: /var/www/html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php at line 68" error has reappeared.

I edited the /includes/import_transactions.inc file as recommended in an earlier post but this did not resolve the problem.

Your suggestions will be appreciated.


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I decided that after initial experimentation with FA 2.4 it would be better to do a clean install prior to actual use. The installation is on Ubuntu Server 16.04. I deleted the databases using phpadmin, cleared the webserver directory and then reinstalled into the same directory.  However when I then try to log in again from a browser I see that the default company name and a username is still present in the login screen and this log's into a semi blank screen.  Could someone please tell me how I go about clearing out FA completely so I can start again from scratch?

Thanking you in anticipation


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My Bad. There were typo's in one or two GL codes