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Thanks for response Braath Waate...

I didn't use Journal Entries as I should have done (I was being lazy and thinking that it would save having to duplicate every line in the original file without considering that it would not create the bank account entries.) I think it is expected behaviour.

There are no missing entries in gl_trans - all correct. But there are only bank account entries in bank_trans for one of the two bank accounts.

So I am trying to figure out what I need to do to correct my error, rather than report or fix a bug.

I don't use FA on a regular basis, so every year I have to remember/re-learn all my previous errors, some aspects are as intuitive as I expect (I am not an accountant)


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bradlanier wrote:

My bank transactions include transfers between bank accounts.  Is there any way to make this work with Import Transactions?

I just made the stupid mistake of trying to do the above with import transactions...

So now I have a situation where the gl_trans entries are correct for both bank accounts, but the entries in only one of the bank accounts are correct (gl and bank entries match) but for the other account the gl entries are missing from the bank account....

Any suggestions how I can manually recover, e.g. could I just add the required entries into the bank_trans table?

On further investigation, using GL enquiry
they show up with a link to a non-existent 'Work Order 24'
24 is the person_id of the supplier.

Clearly the payments are not getting allocated to the supplier...

I am confused by what it says in the wiki and what seems to happen.

I imported a batch of payments to a supplier using Import transactions - Payments processing

I set the person_type_id to 1 and the person_id to the id of the supplier (obtained from the lookup)
I set the account code to credit control account.

I expected that after import according to the wiki they would be available to allocate...
but they are not.

In the wiki it says:
5.  Currently supplier payments are allocated using the extensions Payment Processing not Journal Processing.
[So I used Payment processing]
6. Allocate receipts using the extensions Deposit Processing. The Sales Ledger is updated and the amount(s) await to be allocated under FA/Sales/Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes.
7. If the Purchases Ledger is updated on import, then amount(s) await to be allocated under FA/Purchases/Allocate Supplier Payments or Credit Notes. This is where you will find evidence of the success of the import. 
[How does one force the Purchases Ledger to be updated]

Have I got the procedure wrong ?

Thanks for that suggestion, I will investigate...

So after some further testing....

If I log in as a user with 'card payments POS' then when I import, all payments are credited to the 'merchant account' even if they were cash payments with a payment_id of 4.

In the short term I can sort the payments into two separate files, then login as different users to import as cash and card... but this is not really satisfactory....

Hmm, thanks for the suggestion Braath Waite but I already have my 'merchant account' set as Cash account.

I have been importing as super admin, but perhaps I need to be logged in as specific user.

In trying to figure out how the code works, I see that payment_id is used to get payment terms
$cart->payment_terms = get_payment_terms($payment_id);

But I cannot locate where the get_payment_terms() function is defined....
I have searched the code, if anyone can give me a clue...
found it in db/company_db.inc

For some time I have been successfully using:
Import Transactions -> Direct Sales Invoice Processing
to import our cash sales...

Recently we started taking card payments,
so I set up the card payment terms, created a gl account and bank account, and POS for credit cards...

So I thought that in order to import the card payments I would just set the payment id in the csv to '11' (the card payment terms id from lookup), they are all imported without error, but the payment goes to the petty cash bank account instead of card merchant bank account

It seems to ignore the payment id of 11 and behaves as if it was set to 4

Am I missing something, or is it not possible - or where do I need to modify code to get the required result for payment id of 11?

I haven't voided any invoices as far as I am aware.

I now think this occurs if I modify the date of the invoice, it is very easy to enter incorrect dates and when they are corrected it seem like internally a new invoice is created with a new number, but the old reference - this seems over the top to me.

I found another post that addresses the same issue except it occurs even when the memo field is modified:

so it seems is effectively by design....

So to me if it it is the reference number that we should use as the identifier and not the actual number then it would be better to display the reference number as the primary identifier not the

I have set up a reference for supplier (purchase) invoices like so: PI_00123

Initially the invoice no matched the reference, so supplier invoice # 480 has a reference of PI_00480

but now they are out of sync. so supplier invoice # 545 has a reference of PI_00541

I think this may have happened since I modified the dates of some invoices ?

This seems inconsistent and become a real problem for tracking issues, what is the best way to fix ?


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Fantastic, it works as I expect.
Very many thanks apmuthu


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Improvement but still fails:

Undefined offset: 10 in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php at line 278
Undefined offset: 10 in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php at line 323
Undefined property: import_sales_cart::$prep_amount in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/sales/includes/db/sales_order_db.inc at line 42
Undefined property: import_sales_cart::$fixed_asset in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/sales/includes/db/sales_order_db.inc at line 75
Unhandled exception [0]: Call to undefined method import_sales_cart::is_prepaid(). in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/sales/includes/db/sales_delivery_db.inc at line 66


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Yep as you know I was trying to import transactions but it isn't working ! And I don't have time to spend fixing things at present.


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Thanks for the clarification. I can see that for some businesses. But as a cash only retail sales business no invoice/receipt is created/issued until we see the colour of the customer's money... so separate tracking is unnecessary, as we never give credit.

I guess it is the problem of having a system that will cater for all types of business...


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Sorry to keep asking but I am still not clear (I want to make sure I follow the correct process to avoid issues later):

Should I be setting up another 'cash sales' asset account (separate from the petty cash 'bank account') and setting this as the AR ?

P.S. That wasn't a complaint about following me ! I am grateful. :-)


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Thanks  for responding apmuthu..., it seems you are following me around the forum !

So if I understand correctly - you are saying I should be setting up another 'cash sales' account and setting this as the AR ? but then to me I will still get redundant entries.... and I can track turnover from the income account for the service provided (or goods supplied).


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Using 2.4 followed above instructions, but generates redundant entries in the account that is set as the AR account:

Customer = Cash, Branch = Cash
AR is selected as debtors control (as noted above can't select Petty Cash)

dr petty cash
cr sales account
dr debtors control
cr debtors control

Seems to me the two entries in debtors are completely redundant


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It reads the line in now but I still get many errors, it seems very broken:

Missing argument 2 for references::is_valid(), called in /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/includes/import_sales_order_entry.inc on line 33 and defined in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/includes/references.inc at line 265
Undefined variable: type in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/includes/references.inc at line 268
Undefined offset: 10 in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php at line 278
Undefined offset: 10 in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php at line 323
Undefined property: import_sales_cart::$prep_amount in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/sales/includes/db/sales_order_db.inc at line 42
Undefined property: import_sales_cart::$fixed_asset in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/sales/includes/db/sales_order_db.inc at line 75
Missing argument 1 for get_shipping_tax_as_array(), called in /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/includes/import_sales_cart_class.inc on line 509 and defined in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/taxes/db/tax_groups_db.inc at line 128
Undefined variable: id in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/taxes/db/tax_groups_db.inc at line 132
Unhandled exception [0]: Call to undefined method import_sales_cart::is_prepaid(). in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/sales/includes/db/sales_delivery_db.inc at line 66


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I was already using that heading line as in your updated template, that is not the issue.

I now get 11 lines of errors reported...

Looking again at import_transaction.php in the latest code you have provided it looks inconsistent around lines 191 to 196 with lines above....

it looks to me that lines 194 and 195 should be within the
else if ((($type == ST_BANKDEPOSIT)... {  }

we should not be doing a str_replace on non existent variables

but there are no brackets used....

and surely line 196 should be another 'else if' not an 'if'
i.e. if importing a salesorder the template correctly matches line 197


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Thanks that is clear. I was deleting and re-installing after copying.... which I think was overwriting.... ???

Maybe stupid question but how do I export a set of transactions ?


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What is the correct way to apply these modified files ?


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Dear apmuthu, thanks for getting back so quickly.

I used the template salesinvoices...
and there are no columns for either memo or person_id
I am trying to import direct sales invoices...

so does this mean that the templates are not correct and I need to add extra fields....

I will download/try your attached file...


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Seems my attempts to fix have created more issues than solved....  due to guesses and mis-understanding on my part.... spent several hours, without success....so giving up... hopefully someone with more knowledge can solve...


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I have dowloaded the zip in msg 101 above...

I just tried to run the extension to import a direct sales invoice, I received the following errors, when I did a trial run:

Undefined variable: memo in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php at line 194

Undefined variable: person_id in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php at line 195

Unhandled exception [0]: Call to undefined function get_standard_cost(). in file: /home/diazhair/public_html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/includes/import_sales_order_entry.inc at line 127

Investigation reveals that the files have a lot of missing braces around the if statements
there are far too many to mention....

Fixing these and re-run, yields many more errors.... seems this has just not been tested...


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Yes I did all that, but there was no permission to check in the roles......

But now I have deleted, re-installed, logged out/in, activated for the company, logged out/in and this time the checkbox appears in the permissions for each role...so checked, logged out/in and I can see it is installed and available.

Maybe I just didn't log out/in enough times or at appropriate points... anyway it is now available and installed.... now to test it...