Topic: Import Transactions - Supplier payments Confusion

I am confused by what it says in the wiki and what seems to happen.

I imported a batch of payments to a supplier using Import transactions - Payments processing

I set the person_type_id to 1 and the person_id to the id of the supplier (obtained from the lookup)
I set the account code to credit control account.

I expected that after import according to the wiki they would be available to allocate...
but they are not.

In the wiki it says:
5.  Currently supplier payments are allocated using the extensions Payment Processing not Journal Processing.
[So I used Payment processing]
6. Allocate receipts using the extensions Deposit Processing. The Sales Ledger is updated and the amount(s) await to be allocated under FA/Sales/Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes.
7. If the Purchases Ledger is updated on import, then amount(s) await to be allocated under FA/Purchases/Allocate Supplier Payments or Credit Notes. This is where you will find evidence of the success of the import. 
[How does one force the Purchases Ledger to be updated]

Have I got the procedure wrong ?

Re: Import Transactions - Supplier payments Confusion

On further investigation, using GL enquiry
they show up with a link to a non-existent 'Work Order 24'
24 is the person_id of the supplier.

Clearly the payments are not getting allocated to the supplier...