This is now completed. I'm not sure why the upload failed but I used Filezilla to transfer the backup to the new server.

For completeness and info to others this is the history of this second dataset. It was originally in seperate MySql db with no prefix. I decided to have a single db on the new server but it is not possible to have non table prefix and table prefix companies in the same db. I loaded the sql file in a text editor and used search replace to create the correct prefixes. This method is not recommended but if you are careful it can be done.


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I have an existing accounting system now on 2.4.4. I have an existing fixed asset register. Some assets which are now at 0 book value and some has some time to go in amortization.

What would be the best strategy to take-on the existing assets into asset value and accumulated depreciation accounts and the asset register.

So I have had some success. I have 2 sets of data to transfer. Both in 2.3.24. I installed 2.4.4 (on Ubuntu 18.04) and uploaded the .sql backup file of a company with the same prefix. The backup did not show up. Then I looked at the folders on the server and the file was there but did not have the correct permissions. I changed it using chown with read everywhere, and then it showed up. This restore worked and the upgrade and as far as I can tell all the data is there.

The second data set actually lives in a different database on the server and it has no prefix. This file doe not upload. It takes a short while and then shows and error triangle  icon at the top of the screen but the actual file is nowhere to be seen. I am going to try a few other things and will report back here.

I am trying to move my existing FrontAccounting (v2.3.24) from an old server to a new server (v2.4.4).

My first approach was to build the new server with Ubuntu 18.04, and install FrontAccounting 2.4.4. Then backup the db's on 2.3.24 and restore them onto 2.4.4 on the new server. I soon realised that will not work,. FrontAccounting 2.4.4 refused to upload the backup.

I can't take the current server to 2.4.4 because it runs an old version of Centos and it cannot be upgraded so I cannot make the php requirements.

I then tried installing Ubuntu 16.04 on my server with frontaccounting 2.3.24 but that does not work as I am getting this error when trying to verify the install: Your PHP has to have MySQL extension enabled.

I have been unsuccessful so far in getting past this. Is there a work-around that would allow me to install and FrontAccounting  2.3.24 on Ubunu 16.04 (or even better 18.04)?

Is there another method of transferring the data from one version to another using different servers and OS?


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The FrontAccounting website says that the installation guide has moved to the wiki. However the wiki page for the installation has no content inside it - it just says Installation at the top.

I want to install FrontAccounting on a Centos 7 server and cannot find a tutorial or howto for that.

One feature I would like to see in dimensions is to force the user to enter a dimension when they use a specific GL account for payment, journals, purchases or sales.

I foresee a flag on the GL account definition: Force Dimension Entry. Then on all input screens where a GL account can be entered, the validation checks to see if the user entered a valid dimension before posting the transaction.

I see in v2.3.21 it is not listed. It does get a unique reference IT(trans_no) through tran_type 16.

It seems one cannot reprint a specific item location transfer document. The inventory movement report combines transfers, purchases sales etc. The stock movements enquiry lists all movements for a specific item.

One should be able to reprint a specific item location transfer, so maybe the option needs to be added. Either a new enquiry option for location transfers or with a new report.


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Thanks Joe - that works, I was somehow expecting it to be in items & inventory.


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FrontAccounting currently does not have stock take functionality.

In its simplest form it allows an input screen, showing a list of existing stock items where you capture a QOH and the system then calculates the adjustment.

When you are finished entering you should get the opportunity to print it out for manual verification.

When complete, the adjustment should be posted.

For example: One of the non-profits I do books for as a charity, operate a bar. We capture the bar stock in via supplier purchases so that we can monitor stock and movements to events etc. When the bar runs we do not do invoicing, we just do opening and closing. Cost of goods sold is then calculated by means of a stock take.

This system can be enhanced to dissallow transactions while stock is going on.


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I'm probably just a little dunce here but it does not seem possible to get a list of inventory adjustments anywhere. You can see them by item but you cannot see a list of the adjustments.

Or location transfers, for that matter.

The journal enquiry is counter intuitive in this case. It mainly filtered transaction type and date, so one would need to know what you are looking for. Then It may help but going directly to the supplier invoices would be simpler.

When I check the accounting I usually start at the TB (or financial statements PL or BS) and then investigate a specific balance by clicking on it. This would then bring up the list of GL transactions. The trail stops here though. The supplier invoice GL does not tell me the actual stock items or a fixed asset purchase does not allow me to click to it and get to the scanned document that goes with it.

I think it would be beneficial to have an additional link on the gl transaction to the actual document. It certainly would make the life of accountants and auditors simpler.

Hi All

Currenty in FA, one can look at a GL account and see a list of transactions (using gl_account_inquiry.php). In this list there is a column with a link to the details of the GL entry (in the # column). This calls gl_trans_view.php which shows the GL entries for the transaction.

However there is no way from here to see the underlying source document.

What I would like is to get a click-able link in gl_trans_view to the underlying source document. So that if it is a supplier document I can click through from the gl account listing, to the GL account details to the actual underlying document. This may have an attachment so then the one can click through all way to an image of the underlying document.

I suspect it would be best to split the General ledger transaction details cell in 2 - one with the document type name and one with the number as a click-able link.

Any suggestions on how I may accomplish this?