Topic: Add click through to underlying document.

Hi All

Currenty in FA, one can look at a GL account and see a list of transactions (using gl_account_inquiry.php). In this list there is a column with a link to the details of the GL entry (in the # column). This calls gl_trans_view.php which shows the GL entries for the transaction.

However there is no way from here to see the underlying source document.

What I would like is to get a click-able link in gl_trans_view to the underlying source document. So that if it is a supplier document I can click through from the gl account listing, to the GL account details to the actual underlying document. This may have an attachment so then the one can click through all way to an image of the underlying document.

I suspect it would be best to split the General ledger transaction details cell in 2 - one with the document type name and one with the number as a click-able link.

Any suggestions on how I may accomplish this?

Re: Add click through to underlying document.

The GL Inquiry is mainly for the General Ledger. Clicking through will show the underlying voucher.

If you want to see the documents you can use the Journal Inquiry. Here you can see both the document and the underlying voucher.

Or use the Customer/Supplier transactions.


Re: Add click through to underlying document.

The journal enquiry is counter intuitive in this case. It mainly filtered transaction type and date, so one would need to know what you are looking for. Then It may help but going directly to the supplier invoices would be simpler.

When I check the accounting I usually start at the TB (or financial statements PL or BS) and then investigate a specific balance by clicking on it. This would then bring up the list of GL transactions. The trail stops here though. The supplier invoice GL does not tell me the actual stock items or a fixed asset purchase does not allow me to click to it and get to the scanned document that goes with it.

I think it would be beneficial to have an additional link on the gl transaction to the actual document. It certainly would make the life of accountants and auditors simpler.