And then the solution, which actually was somewhere else here in the forum (¡) :

This may be a bug in the code that handles the unpacking of the tar archive. In version 2.3.x around line 327 of (se encuentra en el archivo “includes”) the prefix and name are not decoded after the unpack. Putting an rtrim around the prefix and name fixes this issue, i.e.

'name' => rtrim($temp['prefix']) . rtrim($temp['name']),

Even if this solution is for a WAMP installation, it solved the issue also in the LAMP installation - at least for me. smile

Another possibility suggested elsewhere in this forum is that is has to do with Ubuntu 14.04 using php 5.5.9, which has some problem with older MYSQL code. A possibility is therefore to downgrade to php 5.4.9. I have tried but had problems with getting the repositories to work, and any way it is not a very good solution as it may create other problems in the future.
If it turns out that the problem is with php 5.5 and older MYSQL code, it might be worth to try to identify and update these snippets in FA, as Ubuntu 14.04 is a long term support release, which will probably be used by many users.

I have now tried to change the default location for Apache 2 to var/www as suggested here:
This does not solve the issue, so this is obviously not the cause.

I have Frontaccounting working on a Linux Mint 14 (Ubuntu 12.10) installation for more than a year, with no major problems (a small hotel in Leon, Nicaragua).  I have planned to transfer the installation to the LT Linux Mint 17/ Ubuntu 14.04 to make sure there is support for the next 5 years, so I am trying this out on another computer to see how it works.
I have now installed Frontaccounting 2.3.21 on a LAMP installation on Mint 17 with no major issues - the main change is that FA has to be placed in var/www/html instead of directly in var/www. What is not working, however, are the extensions.  When I try to install another COA, language or extension, I get the answer "Could not open". The rest seems to be working. I have made a backup of data from my working computer, and that looks fine. I have no deeper knowledge on PHP, but I suspect that the change of location of FA to /var/www/html means that I have to change some configuration file, but I don't know which one. But it might also be something else altogether.  So I think I will have to stay put with Mint 14 until I find a solution. Any suggestions? smile

Thanks for a very nice an useful programme. There will always be bugs, and this forum is a good place for finding and solving them.

I have been using the the link to Sourceforge on your website - the download of the "latest stable version": 2.3.19.

I have now downloaded a snapshot from the link you sent me and installed it on my copy version. It solves the problem with the payment to the customer - I can now make it as before. I will now copy it to my production version. Thanks.

To be more specific.  In FA 2.3.16 I simply make the bank payment against the customer, and that is it.  It is automatically acredited his account and his balance is in zero. So the problem is definitively an upgrade problem.

I just tried to downgrade to FA 2.3.16 (on a copy).  There it works as it should.

I enter positive numbers and get the message ""Settled amount have to be positive number.".  As the system thinks a postive number is negative, I have also tried with negative number, and then I get the other error message.

That is what I have been trying to do. I go to payment, select customer and then the customer, then I put in the amount, but I post the transaction it is rejected: , but it does not accept: "Settled amount have to be positive number."  I am almost sure this has been working before, but that it does not after the updating.

If I make the payment against "Miscellaneous" and then choose the customer receivables account, the posting is accepted, and the general ledger is OK.  But I still can't allocate anything to the client. So it still apperars that I owe the client.

I can't find a way to post a return payment to a customer, for which we have made a credit note. I am in FA 2.3.19 - I can't remember to have seen this problem before updating, but as the operation is not very frequent, I may be wrong.

The case is the following: A customer has been invoiced twice and has paid twice for the same service. Detecting the error, we have made a credit note and reversed his payment with credit card. We now have a problem posting this operation.

The client's balance is of course negative (in his favour), and I need to post a payment from our bank account to his account in our system. When I go to "payments" and choose "customer" and the specific customer, and then put in the amount we have returned, I get the error message "Settled amount have to be positive number."  If I try to put the amount in with a negative sign it says "Invalid amount or amount less than zero".  If I try in "Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes", the credit note pops up, stating correctly that we owe him the amount, but if I try to allocate it, I get the message "nothing to allocate".

Of course I can simply make a posting against customers' payables and our bank account and our general ledger will be OK.  But the customer will always appear as if we are owing him the amount.


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Thanks, that was fast again. Tried it on my copy of FA and it works nicely - just what we needed.  Issue solved.:)


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Thanks. That was fast. Have just tried it on my copy and it seems to solve the issue. So I will make a change to my production version.
This about the memo I didn't capture. When I make a posting, the memo line appears nicely (say 10 bottles of cleaning agent).  But not if I make the same posting as a supplier invoice. Then the memo line is empty. Not a big deal, but makes it difficult to get a quick overview over an account. You have to click each invoice to see, what it is about.


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Update: I have (on a copy) tried to downgrade to FA 2.3.18, and that did not change the issue.  However, a downgrade to 2.3.16 brings back the name of the supplier on the cash and bank account. As before, no memo.  So definitively, something happened during the update.

I have just updated Frontaccounting from 2.15 to 2.19, principally to get the possibility to edit the VAT amount in supplier invoices. That works fine.
However, when i go into the general ledger accounts for bank and cash, e.g. check account, I could before see the supplier name in the transaction, but after the update that does not appear any more.  I have to click on the transaction to see the supplier. That is an important loss of functionability.
The other issue, but already there before the update, is that the memo text for the purchase does not appear when querying the accounts - again I have to click on the transaction to see the memo text.
Anyway around this?


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I can't see any option to zip the back-up archive under "create backup". It simply creates a *.sql file. If I zip it afterwards, FA will not import it, but I can import it with phpmyadmin.

Another solution, I have found, is to go into the php.ini file and change the size limites.  In my installation (Linux Mint 12) you write:

sudo gedit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

Then find the line:

post_max_size = 2M

and change that to e.g. 20M

and then the line:

upload_max_filesize =2M

and change that to e.g. 20M

It may be necessary also to change the line


to a higher number, but I haven't done that.:)


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I have been running Frontaccounting in a small hotel for now around a year, and generally it performs well. As we use FA on a daily basis for invoicing customers, we maintain an updated working version on another PC, which we update daily, so it can be swapped in quickly in case of a major breakdown (which we happily haven't experienced yet). We simply make a back-up and then transfer the .sql file to the another PC and make a "restore". However, this does not work any more. The "restore" is actually performed with no error messages, but nothing changes. After trying a bit around with no succes, I used instead the "import" facility in phpmyadmin and got the error message that the file was too big.  The options were either to change php.config or to try to compress the back-up file. I then zipped the .sql file (which reduced it from 8.8 MB to 1 MB) and repreated the "import" and that worked.
Isn't there a better way to do this, e.g. let FA itself do the zipping? Or should I change the php.config file inFA?

Sorry. I had overseen the option at the bottom of the page to choose between pdf and excel. Now I got what I needed. SOLVED.

I have just tried an online PDF converting service, and that gets me a nice spreadsheet with the tax data. But it seems a bit odd way to do it, as I know Mysql can export directly to spreadsheet.

No idea. When I make a report it always comes up on the screen in pdf format, and then I just print it out (invoices, GL reports etc.).  I have been looking if there is some option to print to spreadsheet instead but I am unable to see that.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think the easiest would be to print the tax report to an excel file. But how do I do that? The report comes automatically out in PDF format, and there is no easy way to convert that to a spreadsheet (I am working in Linux Mint 15).

Here in Nicaragua we have to upload monthly a VAT report in spreadsheet. Up to now we have done that manually, but as all the information is in the system, there must be a better way. I can get a nice VAT report out of Frontaccounting in PDF (even if the tax ID number is missing). Is there a way to make it printing to a comma file or spreadsheet?

I tried to look at the possibilities to make a MYSQL query directly in the database but I had some problems understanding the structure of the database (particularly understanding the ID that link the different tables), but must admit I am not very experienced in MYSQL databases.

Any help would be highly appreciated. smile


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I now installed the sales report extension and that was exactly what I was looking for.  Issue solved, thanks. smile


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I am quite sure there is no item sales report in FA as I have been around all the corners.  As the items are services, there is (of course) nothing in the inventory report.  I shall try out the suggested Item Sales Summary Report extension and report back.

After using FA only for cost recording during construction of our hotel, we have now entered into business and we have been using FA for a little more than a month as a complete EPR, and it works great. 
As it is a hotel, all our sales are services.  We have defined 6 different room types and ectra payment for additional persons (also defined as an article).  However, I have found no way to make a sales report per article, i.e. how many nights have we sold room type 1 etc. in a given period.  Have I missed something?  I can of course make a query in MySQL but it would have been nice to be able to do it directly in the program.