hi all master...

anybody ever try to implement frontaccounting on restaurant as a restaurant management system???

please give an advice to make it done...


dear all master,

any body ever or have experience implement front accounting in restaurant company???

i want to try to implement frontaccounting on my uncle litle restaurant

any body can help me to make it works????

thanks for your kindness to help me...


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dear Administration,

could you give me the Flow Chart? I need it to know a frontaccounting flow...

thanks b4


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hello all,

i want to do create order when i choose a item an automaticly select price..but i want price reference don't come from inventory but from my external pricelist

external pricelist mean we have a pricelist private setup in frontaccounting system..

how to do that friends..

thanks a lot

i have case to know budget of project cost and compare it with manufacture cost

how to do it with frontaccounting?


ok joe thanks for your info...

anyway how to count/sum WIP (work in progress) on end year in this application?

thanks for your kindness

Zimmy F Gurning

thanks a lot joe for your quick response...

i try to view a Dimension Details report but found error because file rep502.php not exist

and one more question how to manage dimension/project in progress (WIP=Work In Progress)??

thanks for your response

dear all masters...

any body ever do with front accounting with project based report

that mean we can create journal entry by project and create report by project

anyway thank for your quick response