Topic: voiding transactions

Hi, me again...

according to the wiki, in order to void a supplier transaction, one should first void the invoice, then the PO Delivery.  When I void the delivery I get this error:

The entered transaction does not exist or cannot be voided.

Transaction clearly exists, I can click the podelivery order number and see it.  I can also see it in my inventory movements. 

so why can it not be voided?  is there another part to the procedure?

Re: voiding transactions

It may be some browser cache. Try to logout, clear cache and open the browser again (with no other browser instances open) and then login to void the delivery order and see what happens.

Also take a backup (1) and then create a delivery order and take a backup (2) and then void the delivery order and take a backup (3) and then compare the backups for what entries came in when the delivery order was created and what got taken out / modified when it was voided. Check as to what differences are there if the invoice too was created and voided and see what database changes exist and how it affects the FA processing.