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I need to update my sales pricing and to do this I first want to review the material cost of all items,
including manufactured items.

I'd like to export it in excel so I can generate price lists to be imported.

I have looked around and done some searches but I can't find out how...


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Can't you just export the reports to Excel (Destination)?


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Which report gives the item COST based on the manufacturing components?

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I guess the Inventory Valuation Report. Maybe you can select a category if you have categoriced it.


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The closest thing I have found is Manufacturing-> Costed Bill Of Material Inquiry it is one item at a time, not a report.

But that uses the Unit Cost (I guess which is a running average from manufacturing)

I have gotten an updated price list for all my bulk products and would like to get all the manufactured items Unit Costs updated to match.
Then I can take the price list apply my markup and generate a sales price list...

It looks like I need to do a lot of this manually...


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Maybe a small module, Tom?


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Yeah maybe... I better upgrade to 2.3 first smile

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I guess it will be a small module... or maybe a Report...

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Well, after looking around it looks like the Sales Reports -> Price Listing report is pretty close to what I need.

I like the GP% but would like to add an optional cost column.

But the Gross Profit is based upon the Material Cost (running  average)

If I have some large cost changes (which I have, one Rare Earth Material I rely upon has increased 5x-6x in the last year)
I would like to reset the average material_cost (stock_master) to actual cost.

I am thinking of a simple module that clears all material_cost and recomputes material_cost based on foriegn item_codes
and manufacturing BOM's

I could then re-run the Price Listing and check the GP to see what prices need to be adjusted.

The nice part is the report can be loaded in excel if needed...

Now... (finally a question)

Will updating the material cost to actual cost have any serious negative impact from an accounting point of view?
(like violate any Accounting 101 concepts)

or is it maybe just a Good Idea? smile

ps. I also notice that last_cost is updated, but all of my actual_cost fields are 0, is that normal? Is actual_cost no longer used?
pps. actual_cost is only referenced in One place... read only... includes/ui/   the constructor for class line_item

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Well I expanded the report to be able to use 'material_cost' or 'actual_cost'

I know actual_cost is unused, so why not? smile

then I just need to make a function to recompute actual_cost for all items based upon purchase pricing
and optionally set material_cost at the same time.


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Hi, Tom, I have just returnet from a holiday. I will have a closer look into this topic in a while.