Topic: New Tamplate/style

hello every one,
  How can i please use / install new template ?

Best Regards

Re: New Tamplate/style

In the Display Setup on the Setup tab you can select another template (theme).

You can also download the new themes for release 2.0 (if you are using this version). Follow the download instructions and voila you can select them as well smile


Re: New Tamplate/style

Sorry i go to setup and find just the below items :
Tax Groups

System and General GL Setup
Fiscal Years

Backup and Restore
Create/Update Companies
Install/Update Languages
Install/Update Modules

i couldn't find Display setup

thanks for your help and i wish to find it any chance


Re: New Tamplate/style

There should be a left pane in the Setup tab, Starting with Company Setup, User Setup, Display Setup etc.


Re: New Tamplate/style

yes just found it sorry loool

Thanks again and so much