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We are currently creating the first spanish translation (spanish latin america r1), we are currently 90% of completion.

Once ready we would appretiate a revision.


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Sounds wonderful.


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Dear All,

I am currently working on Malay translation (Malaysia/Indonesia) and currently almost half way through. My problem is I couldn't get the system updated after I reload both the PO and MO files (not ftp way)

I tried various means and sometime it works by uninstalling and reinstalling the PO and MO using DIFFERENT language name.

For info, I am using window xp operating system


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Sorry, the time shown was 12 hours SLOWER than what my computer shown.

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Sounds great with the translations. I think there is another guy translating into Indonesian. He is somewhere in the Forum. You could probably coop with him.

I have no explanation to your clock problem. Probably there are others out there that can comment on that.

Regarding the language load. Did you change the language in the Users Setup. Logged out and logged in again?

Best regards


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I have the same problem reported by "USOP": I can not load the new language definition. I using frontaccount 1.14 on Windows XP and trying to use es_PA (Spanish from Panama) MO y PO files.

I already did: a)setup > install/update languajes and selected the corresponding PO and MO files. b)I created a new user and assing the new language, c)I login with that user, but everything is still in English.

Is ther something I am missing?

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Hello bdoublas
If you look at the language folder on your server, can you see a language-file with the extension of .php. Such a file should be created if you do not have the GetText installed on the server.
There was another user running FrontAccounting on a Windows server that solved the problem, but I can't recall where this topic is.
Hopefully you solve the problem. Are there somebody out there that can contribute to this?


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I've solved my problem. I copy the in /lang/es_PA/LC_MESSAGES/ and when I setup the language (setup > install/update languages) the system created the rest of files.

You have done a wonderfull job!!!

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Hi everybody,

You have done a great work,

I have downloaded es_MX language, and I want to complete it, so I got poedit too, but as there are several version of the erp.
How do I know wich erp version the language package is?

and Is there somebody else doing this job? How can I participate?

After translation. Is there a parse tool or something? because .po and .mo files seems to be in different formats.


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Hi Héctor,
For FA 2.0 Beta you should use the one that is at the download section at https:/ It is located under frontaccounting-languages. You have to expand the versions.
The MO file is automatically created when you save the project to PO file in poEdit.
This es_MX2 that is on sourceforge is based on version 1.16 but all the new strings are extracted, ready to translate.
I am not aware of anybody translating to Mexican at present.


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Hi Joe,

Thanks for your answer,

I already complete, I hope it couldn't be outdated and it could work for version 1.16,

I gonna start with 2.0.

How is the process for share it?
Should I send you an e-mail with file attached? or
Is there another way to upload it?
Does somebody verify it and I must contact him/her?


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Hello Héctor,
Yes, please send me the files as an attachment. I will then prepare them for download. When the 2.0 Beta is finally released I will also put the downloads on the Website download page.