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Topic: Xampplite + FA 2.2.11

I don't know if someone else has done the same but I've pack a portable xampplite that incorporate FA 2.2.11. Firstly it's for my learning purpose only but perhaps other's might need it just in case they want to try FA.

It can downloaded here:

it's packed with 7zip (cause the 7z is smaller so it upload faster)
you can get portable 7zip here:

just extract the downloaded file to the root of your drive (ex: drive D: ) then execute xampp-control.exe to start apache & mysql. after that just use your browser to http://localhost/frontaccount

user: admin
pass: admin

there's 3 company I include & it's use the same user&password. some are using Indonesia COA but you can change it later.

for the phpmyadmin on the package
user: root
pass: root

*) I don't make it very secure because for me it's for learning purpose only.

I just want to share smile
All the credits goes to xampplite developer & FA developer.

Re: Xampplite + FA 2.2.11

Thanks for making your work available for other people. This can be helpful for new FA Win users.