Topic: Customer Balances Problems

Hello Joe,

Please I have a challenge with FA.

Like I told you earlier on. I run a business that we have sales reps that the head office gives goods to. FA was able to handle some of my problems. But the main problem here is as follows:

I cannot view the report of customers balances attached to each reps so that I can see the customer balances as per sales rep.
secondly, i cannot view the payment of the customers as per sales reps so that at a glance we can view what they have paid and what they are owing based on the various sales reps.

I want to see the transactions per sales reps. I can only see salesman's listing.
also when I tried to get the customer balances there is no provision for specific dates.

so what do I do to get these reports.

please help me cos I am in the middle of a fix because i cant get my customers per reps.

thanks in advance


Re: Customer Balances Problems

You will have to make a join to the cust_branch table and the salesman table in the SQL statements in rep101.php. Then you should add a parameter in reports_main.php for rep101.php, Sales Person, and in the report rep101.php add a parameter for the salesman to the SQL functions.
If you cannot do that yourself, you can try to ask for help in the Jobs Wanted / Offered Forum.


Re: Customer Balances Problems

Hello Joe,

I have critically examined the Sales Reporting and I have found out that if only I can add to the customer balances report the Sales folks filter, my problem is solved. that is by sales folk report, I will be able to see my customer transaction per sales folk.
Please your help will be highly appreciated.