Topic: Date Correction in FA

Hello Joe,

I have a little problem with my FA. sometime when i post a transaction, i post it with a wrong date. i discovered that I cannot correct the date within FA even as admin. how do I correct this situation.
Also when i try to generate a PDF report in FA, it initializes but later shows a triangle symbol at the top and no PDF is generated. how do i correct this also.

thirdly, how do i place Supplies discount in my transaction in FA.



Re: Date Correction in FA

1. You have 3 different ways of entering dates. MMDDYYYY, DDMMYYYY  or YYYYMMDD with a separator.
   You can void the transaction in Setup tab and enter again with correct date.
2. Please set the $go_debug to 1 in config.php file to catch any errors.
3. You can't, but you should enter the purchase prices after discounts. This price is you purchase price for the items.


Re: Date Correction in FA

Thanks for your response Joe.

Still on my supplier's discount, i have about 6 suppliers and the discount they give to me varies. sometimes they give 2% discount whichis equivalent to an amount say 250 naira. having posted the invoice with the amount before the discount. how do I deduct the discount received?